11 Effective Router Tricks To Increase Your Wi-Fi Speed


Are you worried about not having a higher internet speed even after paying so much to your ISP?

Playing games or even continuously browsing movies with slow internet speed can get frustrating at times.

Well, the problem might not always be from your ISP end. It may sometimes be a fault of overusing the router or simply other things that you may not even be able to think about.

Modifying some basic things to your router might boost up the internet speed in a flash.

Here is a complete guide on Effective Router Tricks that will help shoot up Your Internet Speed. 


11 Effective Router Tricks that will shoot up Your Wi-Fi Router’s Speed

1. Network Analyzer app

This is a unique trick that you can use to increase the Wi-Fi speed on your device.

Not many people can locate the nearest hotspot to get your device connected to.

This is why choosing an application that does the job for you will find out the nearest hotspot available for you.

You can simply open up the Network Analyzer app to figure out the LAN scan and configure a ping test. You can now connect to the nearest ping result.

2. Turn off the router

It’s important to give your router a rest! Because of overworking, the processor inside this device will heat up extremely fast.

As a result, it will slow down the performance and will always make a big effect on the network speeds.

You can simply turn off the router and allow it to cool down for a while. 

3. Wi-Fi extender

Having a Wi-Fi extender makes things go easier for you. The Wi-Fi adapter length is limited.

As a result, the area coverage also becomes limited. But with the help of a Wi-Fi extender, you will be able to increase the signal coverage substantially.

It will plug into the wall directly and increase the range. You can check some cool options mentioned in this resource.

4. Set the antenna

The antenna of any router will play up a big role in allowing it to work well. You might receive an Omni-directional antenna with the router.

Having such an antenna will allow you to cover up a large space easily. Make sure that the antenna is upright and straight.

5. Use a hard reboot 

Because of overheating and other technical problems, the router is bound to hang up at times.

Simply restarting the device will not do much help at all. Sometimes, the best solution is to hard reset the device.

Although you need to keep in mind that hard rebooting the device will require you to re-configure the device back again.

6. Adjust the frequency

Most of the modern routers do come with dual-band technology. This banding allows you to set a specific channel for accessing the router with improved speeds.

You can easily modify these settings if you know the procedure.

Make sure not to select frequencies that other devices such as wireless cordless phones also use.

7. Use tinfoil hack

The one thing that you can do is to use a simple tin-foil trick. It is a simple DIY hack that allows you to increase the router signal strength.

For this, you would require aluminum foil. You need to create a reflector all around the router.

Once you create this small boundary against the router, it will enhance the signal strength easily and will give you better results.

8. Kick freeloaders off

Freeloaders always consume a lot of bandwidth. When you open up a browser, you may see multiple tabs are opening up aside.

Without even using them, these tabs do end up consuming a lot of bandwidth.

As a result, you will invariably experience slower speeds.

Make sure to close the side tabs while you are not using them. Doing this will help you to work faster on the page you are currently viewing!

9. Use an Ethernet Cable


Going the traditional way always increases the strength of your internet connection.

One such helpful device is the usage of an ethernet cable.

Using the ethernet cable will establish a direct connection with the ISP to the device. 

10. Disconnect old devices

Sometimes, the old devices are still connected to your router. Even when you are not using these devices, they tend to consume bandwidth.

Make sure to disconnect them to allow new devices to get better internet speed and bandwidth.

11. Relocate the router

The location of your router always plays out a big role. You need to place your router in such a location where it can transmit the signals better.

Consider placing the router in a central position with the least number of obstructions such as walls, pillars, or partitions.

This will allow more devices to get a strong signal.


There are always multiple methods to work with your router and achieve its best performance.

However, you must keep in mind that the durability of any technological device is limited.

You’re bound to face problems once the router starts to get old. Purchasing a new router would be the most ideal solution.

However, if you still do want to give it a try, you can always follow the above-mentioned router tricks.

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