5 Significant Elements For Engine Repairing


Taking care of your own car is a thing that everyone should practice. It not only saves a lot of costs but also helps one understand his car better. Buying parts of car engine from boodmo is a great way to get started with your DIY engine repairing journey. 

This article will guide you with things that you should follow to get things done in the best possible way. 

5 Important Factors for Engine Repairs: 

Engine repairs form a very crucial part of automobile maintenance. You might be having a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler car, but both require an equal amount of maintenance to perform smoothly. If you are doing your repairs or are getting it done by a professional, there are a few things that you should know about components in the engine that require regular checkups. One single problem in these crucial parts can start damaging other working parts if not taken care of properly. The best thing to do is to replace them with new parts of car engine from boodmo.com 

The 5 essential parts of an engine repair are as follows, 

  • Piston – Pistons are the muscle of an engine and are one of the most essential parts of an automobile engine. It is the primary moving part that is responsible for rotating the wheels. A typical car can have four, six, or eight pistons depending on the size or power output of the engine. Being a moving part, a piston has to undergo a lot of friction which is responsible for wearing piston rings. This can lead to oil leakage and reduced efficiency for the engine. These rings can be purchased from auto parts sellers like Boodmo. They provide high-quality replacement parts with proper replacement guidance that encourages DIY repairs. The piston and inside of the engine cylinders also require proper lubrication for reducing wear and tear by friction. If the rings are not replaced, it might make the pieces fall into the cylinder, which will require a complete engine rebuild. 

  • Crankshaft – This is yet another automotive part that is responsible for transferring power from the pistons to the wheels. It is connected to the crankshaft and is responsible for converting the oscillating motion of the piston into rotational motion. Being another moving part, it also has to deal with frictional losses. A new one should replace the worn-down crankshaft as it can develop cracks which can have catastrophic results for the car. Also, proper oiling of the contact points is advisable as it will reduce frictions and reduce heat generation. 
  • Bearings – This is the part that is responsible for making the rotational movement of different engine parts as smooth as possible. Be it the piston and crankshaft attachment or the crankshaft and gear assembly attachment, and you will be able to find a bearing in each of these places. Worn-down or overheated bearings can lead to a lot of problems, and the only prevention is proper lubrication and regular checkups. Regular oil changes and using good quality oil can also improve the lifespan of each bearing. 
  • Rods – Rods have to undergo many lateral stresses within the engine, especially shafts like the crankshaft and camshaft have to undergo conditions with a lot of heat changes and unwanted friction, which damages the structural integrity of the rods. This can weaken the shaft and can lead to fractures and cracks. Replacing rods when fractures occur is the best way to prevent any serious damage. 
  • Cylinders – Cylinder is that part of the engine where all the energy generation occurs by the repetitive cycle of compressions, combustion, and expansion. This means a lot of heat is generated in this chamber, and when the rings of the moving piston become damaged, then the metal to metal friction increases. This can be prevented by proper lubrication and replacement of parts on noticing any significant damage. Minor cracks and injuries can be repaired by welding. 


The automotive engine is a powerful but sensitive piece. It consists of many moving parts that all perform in harmony to give the best results. If you have to replace any auto parts, then buying parts of car engine from boodmo is the best way to go. 

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