Coolest Pompadour Haircuts for Men In 2020


Though the pompadour haircut was originally meant for women, it was later adapted and made popular by artists in the 1960s such as Elvis Presley.

It is now six decades and this hairstyle is still one of the popular hairstyle for men. However, there is so much things that have changed in the modern pomp haircut.

The haircut no longer resembles the legendary greaser haircut. Rather, the hairstyle has adapted a loose and textured look that in most cases is matched with an undercut or a fade.

Nonetheless, pomp hairstyle continues to win the hearts of many men and we don’t see them going anywhere any time soon.

One thing that has made a pomp haircut a mainstream look is that it rocks different face shapes and hair types.

While the rule of thumb is that the hair on top should be longer than the sides and swept to the back, you can have various variations of this haircut.

For instance, you can pair it with a side part and incorporate a design to make your cut more defined.

Well, MensHaircuts have scoured the internet and collected some of the classic pompadour haircuts for you. Take a look.

1. Curly Pompadour

It is less popular because pompadours are always associated with straight hairs.

However, it is a rocking style for guys with curly hair, especially when given the right cut.

Creating your curly hair with an undercut or with short sides for your pomp gives you an outstanding look that cannot be achieved with straight hair.

2. Modern Pomp

The original pompadour is given a twist to give a modern pomp, which is eye-catching and stylish.

It exaggerates the specs of the original pomp, making it look edgy and has defined angles, and it makes your face look longer.

Guys with a round face look good on this haircut.

3. Short Pomp

The short pomp is a hairstyle that suits most occasions.

It does not follow the traditional pomp features like the length and the volume of the hair needed for the style.

The hair is styled from the temple, close to the part line. A wet hair product gives it a perfect and neat finish.


4. Pomp Fade

It involves combining a traditional pompadour with tapered sides.

The sides are short towards the ears, while the top part is left dense and long.

The pomp fade brings a neat look, which eliminates the burden of looking messy and unkempt.

5. Undercut Pompadour

The haircut gives the traditional pompadour a perfect makeover by the use of clippers to clip the sides.

The top area of the head is left with dense hair, which can be left to fall on the short sides.

It is a low maintenance hairstyle, which does not require regular styling.

6. Quiff Pomp

It involves focusing on the front section with a high volume on the top hair.

The style can be made more impressive by adjusting the size of the quiff.

You can also customize it by making your quiff look messy or tidy.

A messy quiff is soft, while a neat quiff is made intense and more structured.

7. Mini Pompadour

The mini pomp is ideal for men who have short hair and those who want to try this new trend.

It is not attention-demanding but gives a stylish finish for minimalist men.

The mini pompadour grows as the locks grow longer, making it an excellent option for men looking to grow their short hair into a dense pomp.

8. Single-Length Pompadour

It has little to no difference from the traditional pomp.

The hair on the top and that on the sides have the same length.

The distinction comes when setting it, as the hair on the sides is combed backward.

An attitude can also be created with this pompadour by creating a side part of it.

9. Textured Pomp

This modern hairstyle rocks well with hair that is naturally wavy, to give you a classic look that you can wear in and out of office.

It is quite challenging to create this style with straight hair. However, investing in a good texturizer can give you a taste of this haircut.

Source: MensHaircuts


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