Are we going to see the 4th season of web series Maaya?


Maaya is a lustful and captivating story written and directed by Vikram Bhatt. Released in 2017, Maaya is somewhat different than the other web-series found online. As the first Indian web series to focus on the BDSM subculture, this web-series centers around the tale of forbidden love and relationships.

Currently, in its third season, fans are left wondering if there will be a fourth. During the beginning of Maaya 1, Vikram said in an interview that Maaya initially was going to be a Novel titled Summer of Frost. However, he realized his potential in the digital world. There was and still are debates on censorship which surrounds these controversial web-series.

Nonetheless, digital platform provides a sort of loophole in a country where Brett Lee was prevented from having on-screen sex or where a James Bond kiss was prohibited. Besides the issue regarding censorship, women’s rights have also been questioned in an article on the Firstpost, which highlights that the women in these web-series are being depicted as jobless, gossip, and drama queens who are too entangled in their erotic drama of life.

The article even goes to condemn Vikram Bhatt for lacking the knowledge to write about women, taking a jab at his off-screen controversies. Nonetheless, fans and critics are speculating that the lack of bold scenes in Maaya 3 was due to the fear of enforced censorship forcing producers to exercise caution and thus the uncertain outcome of Maaya 4.

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