Okay, I know what you are going through. Your computer speed is a pain in the butt, right? And you are looking for a software program that could make all your computer performance problems disappear, don’t you? 

Almost always, this is a symptom caused by junk files in your hard drive. Other similar causes of a slow computer include browser caches, old shortcuts, and redundant applications. 

While there is a myriad of system tune-up solutions that you could quickly go for, I have a reliable software for you—the Avast Cleanup Premium. 

What is Avast Cleanup Premium?  


Avast is the name of a cybersecurity software company that offers security solutions to your PC, MAC, iOS, and Android mobile devices. Among the security solutions provided by Avast is antivirus software, anti-malware, and anti-spyware. 

Avast Cleanup Premium is a paid clean up tool that boosts your computer performance by freeing up disk space, getting rid of obsolete apps and the wrong registry entries. 

Despite its popularity and use by small and large businesses, Avast Cleanup Premium comes with a cost.

Through this review, we shall be able to guide you to choose whether Avast Cleanup Review is worth your dime. 

For your information, you also can try out the trial version before spending on the premium version. The current pricing for the premium version is $59.99 (billed annually) for a single PC.

If buying multiple devices, you will be billed $69.99 annually. This includes up to 10 devices.



Well, did I say you could also purchase Avast Cleanup Premium for three consecutive years for $129.99? If you are willing to commit to the software for a longer time, you can save some decent money.

Avast Cleanup Premium Features

Avast Cleanup Premium comes with a range of utilities for your PC and Android devices. Here are some features you will benefit from: 

  • Disk cleaner

Do you have uninstalled apps and old files on your computer that are eating up your disk space? Avast Cleanup can quickly and safely detect junk files with a click. Disk cleaner is highly efficient and is compatible with over 200 PC programs. You won’t have to worry about running out of space anymore. 

  • Browser cleaner 

Your browser data and cookies from various sites you visit on the internet could be an essential factor for the slow speed of your computer. Avast Cleanup helps you eliminate the cache files and any traces of unwanted data from your computer. 

  • Shortcut cleaner

Shortcuts on your desktop always give you a simple time to navigate through your computer. However, over time, these shortcuts become obsolete, adding junk to your computer. Avast Cleanup has the shortcut cleaner you need for old unusable shortcuts. 

  • Sleep mode 

If you want improvement in your system performance, always ensure you keep all unused apps in the background in sleep mode. Avast Cleanup lists all the programs running in the background, giving you the option of putting them in sleep mode. 

  • Bloatware removal 

Avast Cleanup can detect bloatware on your computer that you didn’t know existed in the first place. While browsing the internet, you may have accidentally installed an application or software that is of no use to your computer. Here is where the Avast Cleanup Premium proves handy by removing all bloatware on your computer. 

  • Registry cleaner 

With Avast Cleanup, you will remove all obsolete files from your windows registry. What is your windows registry? It’s the data center of your computer, and it contains all the system-related settings of your computer. Regular downloads of applications or software add new settings to the registry that slow down your computer performance. Avast Cleanup will optimize your computer performance. 

  • Automatic maintenance 

What better way to keep your computer clean without a sweat. Avast Cleanup will clean your computer without you having to do any manual work. All you need is to set up periodic maintenance schedules, and the rest is history. 

  • Disc Doctor 

As a PC owner, you want your computer’s hard disk to last for the longest time possible. Avast Cleanup premium will error check, clean, and fix your hard disk as well.

  • Disk Defrag and optimize 

Well, one other unique feature of the Avast Cleanup is its ability to grant your hard disk fast file access. Avast restructures your hard disk, increasing its performance and usability. 

Is Avast Cleanup Premium Worth Your Money?

Avast Cleanup Premium has outstanding features that will boost the performance of your computer. However, as mentioned earlier, these features come for $59.99 per year for one PC. For $5 a month, the features provided are quite comprehensive.

For the record, Avast Cleanup is by far one of the practical and popular antiviruses in the industry today. It all boils down to what you are looking for. 

If you want a better experience with your old PC, this would be the product to go for repeatedly. It also gives you a 30-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee for your premium purchase.  

Avast Cleanup Premium -Conclusion 

Are you looking to improve your computer’s speed and boost its performance? Look no further than Avast Cleanup Premium. It has all the solutions you need to fix your computer.

Whether on an Android, Mac, or Windows device, Avast will optimize your PC for a better experience.

It comes with a 30-day trial that gives you room for testing out all the features before going for a premium subscription.

We highly recommend this product for your PC. 


Job Kiniale is a computer and gaming enthusiast at large. He is the mind behind every Software Review, Technology Tutorial, or Gaming Guide on the website.

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