BTS’ Fame Jimin Dating Mamamoo’s Hwasa?

BTS’ Fame Jimin dating Mamamoo’s Hwasa

With fame comes controversies, and dealing with them is not every star’s cup of tea. The same happened with two famous K-pop celebs.

An online rumor on Twitter started claiming about Jimin and Hwasa’s relationship. It even led to the hashtag “Jiminandwho” going viral on all socials, all over the globe. 

We have all the scoop on BTS’ Fame Jimin dating Mamamoo’s Hwasa rumor.

Moreover, it is a rare sight to witness any K-pop stars dating. A Twitter user made up a false story using the name of a famous South Korean publication, Dispatch.

However, the claim failed and backfired. 

What started this BTS’ Fame Jimin dating Mamamoo’s Hwasa rumor?

Well, it all began with a tweet that alleged the BTS and Mamamoo members were a couple.

It even went on to mention that a famous publication was revealing new couples who just started dating.

However, there was no link attached to the tweet to direct it to the Dispatch publication website.

It turns out; it was not even a real account that didn’t even have any substantial proof to back up the claim.

Moreover, the user name was “/,” which implies someone did not even care to have a believable identity.

How did the fans react?

Both the K-pop bands have fan followings, aka Army and Moomoo, that literally worship them.

So they were quick to spot this fake news and came with all defenses.

Since it all started on Twitter, all the loyal fans called the news out and expressed their frustration.

Besides, the biggest giveaway was the username of the fake source, so it was easy to find the truth.

One user posted a screenshot with a rant that people should not believe anything fake just because it is trending.

Another said, the news does not come from any trustable source, so it should be ignored.

One user was even quicker to point out that whoever started this rumor could do better.

Moreover, some users were concerned that Jimin and Hwasa are real people who may feel hurt by this fraudulent story.

The message is clear; the Army and Moomoo are loyal fans who believe in their idols and won’t let anyone play with their image.

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