Learning and teaching methods have evolved with time from classroom instructor-led training to software-based learning to cloud-based learning. 

Though every method of learning has its pros and cons, the need of the hour is to provide the services that fulfill the benefits of all the methods. For this to happen, the course must be made available easily from anywhere and at any time. It is also crucial to ensure that the learner remains engaged even if they are pursuing the training in the silo.

The most adopted type of learning management system is a cloud-based LMS available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product. You are not required to have the server or install the software. All the information of users and data is available on the cloud and can be distributed and accessed at your and the learner’s convenience.

What positive impact does it bring to your business? Mentioned below are some of the benefits that you can reap by adopting a robust SaaS-based LMS such as Cornerstone LMS

Quick Implementation: As it is a cloud-based system, you do not have to perform the exercise of building the complete infrastructure by hiring a team of experts that might take months to implement the same. The infrastructure is ready to use as there is no concept of implementing the software. You just have to build the content and start using it. By eliminating the classroom and IT expenses, you save time and start using it without any wait. Because the LMS can be used as per your convenience and time, you additionally save the cost of travel, lodging, instructor fee, printing, etc. The time involved also is saved without affecting the productive hours.

Centralized Data Storage: An effective LMS not only holds the information related to course content but includes a lot of business-related information as well. Storing your important data on multiple systems can be eliminated by storing all the data on the cloud which completely eliminates the risk of losing your data. Storing the data on central location leverages all the departments to access the required information at their convenience and at their own pace without any location constraint.

Highly Scalable And Hassle-Free Maintenance: Scaling up or upgrading the training will not be a constraint with Saas-based LMS as you get the liberty to add as many users as you want and purchase as many add-on features to upgrade your training experience. Ensuring standard upgradation of the software, bug fixing, etc. is carried out by the software company that hosts the LMS. With 24/7 customer support from the vendor and a user-friendly interface relieves you of the huge IT maintenance cost and least disruption. 

Increase in Productivity and ROI: The elaborate inbuilt dashboards, reports, and assessments help you keep a track of the progress of the training and the employee. The data helps in finding the gaps in the knowledge and in the processes as well. The learner does not have to attend the course for which they would be required to take time off from work or their work gets piled up. With LMS, they have the option of taking up the course in smaller bits that are easy to retain and do not affect productivity on a day-to-day basis. Rather, well-curated training can provide information and indirect support in improving the quality of their work that directly impacts productivity which in turn increases the return on investment. 


It is very obvious from the above benefits that the Saas-based LMS is the future of elearning solutions. This model is budget-friendly, easy to manage, easily scalable, and low maintenance service. Thus even small businesses can enjoy the benefits and advantages of SaaS LMS.


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