Can I Download Google Drive Files on Mac? 


Is there any other search engine other than Google that we rely on? It has taken over our digital lives as it is all over our PC, smartphone and tablets. It is our default page at the browser and the browser itself is Google Chrome too. From Gmail to Google Drive and now Google meetings; it is our one stop for everything and anything. 

Google drive has been one of the biggest inventions by Google that have taken over the world and has been loved by internet users. It is one of the best cloud storage solutions and it offers you free 15 GB storage with your gmail account. You can save any type of file in Google Drive and even type your document online through google word and make a sheet on google sheets. It is being used by workplaces largely these days for more organized task management. 

But there are times when you might need to download a file from Google Drive too and well, the struggle is real. There isn’t any way to download it. You will have to send the link to a person and many people haven’t installed the Google drive app on their smartphones either. Thus, it can be a hassle sometimes for both the parties (the sender and the receiver). However, there is nothing much to worry about as we will be unveiling a way to do so. From google drive for mac download tips to how you can download the files on your smartphone; we will be sharing it here with you. 

How to download Google Files on Mac

If you own a MacBook, you might find it impossible to download a google drive file. But it isn’t that difficult. 

There are times when you don’t have an internet connection nearby and you need to work with a google drive file offline. The biggest dilemma with Mac owners is that there is no desktop app for Google drive yet, for them. But if you own a Macbook, you can easily benefit from Backup and Sync. This is a desktop app that is accessible to Macbook owners too. 

This app acts like an external drive and all you have to do is to drag and drop the files into it, to make them sync online. However, keep in mind, if you remove the files from the app, they will be removed from the drive too. Thus, be careful. 

Visit the google website and head to the drive download section. Download the Backup and Sync desktop app and install it. Once it is installed, the app will be accessible from the finder bar and all your google drive files will automatically sync into it. You will be able to use this folder just like all the other folders on your Macbook. Just drag the files in the folder, edit them, rename them or copy them etc. This is an easy and quick way to download google drive files on Macbook, within no time. Once you have downloaded this desktop app, it is a piece of cake to manage it all. 

If you want to generate the process faster, you can look for online downloaders like Setapp as well. They allow you to download any file, at any given time, within a matter of seconds. These downloaders have made it easier to download files from all platforms, which do not support download by default. 

Why would you need to download Google files from the drive?

Cloud storage has trended over the past few years and as it is advancing with time, it is getting better and more secure. However, it is always important to have a backup of your files, somewhere else too. The Internet is filled with scam and securing your data in multiple places is the best bet. Whether you are trying to keep your data on your Mac or you have an external drive; it is important to download the files from the Google drive to create a backup of them. 

Backing up your data is life saving. It not only ensures the safety of your data but also helps you edit the file without internet connection too. You are no more bound to have an internet connection nearby to edit and send the files. Whether you choose the desktop app or the online downloader; you can now easily download files and work while you are on the go. 

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