Cant Find Windows 10 Offline Account Option? Find it Here.


900 million active users of Windows 10 Operating System are fuming after Microsoft removed the ‘Use offline account’ option. This step has been taken as a part of Microsoft’s attempt to drive users towards its cloud-based Microsoft Account.

Most users who don’t want a ‘full’ Microsoft treatment during the installation of Windows 10, created a local account. However, these things are going to change. Microsoft wants the users to develop a Microsoft account. The account would allow users to synchronize information across different devices, user settings, Microsoft services, and so on.

Previously, with a local account, one didn’t need to worry about any complicated procedure. Users needed to have one password attached to the device. Signing in to digital life away from Microsoft wasn’t an issue. However, many users are taking the help of online forums to discuss the issue of the ‘Offline Account’ option having being removed.

The option hasn’t been removed. Microsoft has obscured the option so that users can opt for the Microsoft Account. Instead, the ‘Offline account’ option has been renamed as the ‘Domain Join’ option. Once the latter option is clicked, users get to see a similar request that allows users to set their username. Then the users need to go through the suggestions for completing the install. However, Microsoft is still persuading users to create a Microsoft Account.

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