Custom WordPress Development & Its Benefits for Business in 2021


A list of WordPress benefits proves that it is a perfect choice for developing a website that matches your needs and can be easily managed.

Top 10 Benefits of Custom WordPress Development You Need to Know in 2021

Your website is an essential tool to represent your brand. However, creating a site from scratch demands a great investment of time as well as budget. Luckily, there is a quick solution: thanks to Content Management Systems (CMS), you can manage your site and get so many options to choose free marketing software automation.

WordPress is a perfect fit for developing a website. To prove its popularity, let the numbers do the talking: 40% of all internet websites are powered by WordPress. WordPress is open source and free – which means nearly anyone can create a website on this platform. However, if you really want good results and a professional website that functions the way you want it to, you would be better off engaging the services of a professional WordPress Developer. With a professional software development company handling your WordPress development requirements, your website will not only look great, but it will also be able to attract the right traffic – your target customers.

So, what are the reasons to opt for custom WordPress development? How can your business benefit from it? Continue reading to find out and proceed to a detailed guide that clarifies the potential of custom WordPress development.

How Custom WordPress Development Can Help Grow Your Business?

Here is the list of advantages that custom WordPress development offers to your business.

  • Entirely Customizable

The main reason for choosing and converting the website to WordPress is its flexibility. Custom WordPress development services make the most out of this platform because of its customization. With access to the paid version, the design of the back-end can be managed effortlessly. From the user side, it is possible to manage content like adding texts, images, videos, etc. without impacting the functionality of the website.

  • Great Result for Reasonable Price

Another advantage of WordPress is its affordability. The reason is that it is an open-source platform and its design, development, and maintenance are more affordable in comparison to other platforms. Users can manage and update the site on their own.

On the other hand, building a custom website with a professional software development company is most likely to result in a high-quality end-to-end solution that cannot be achieved without relevant experience.

  • Open-Source Platform

WordPress is based on the source code of the platform which is freely available and it doesn’t take a village to modify it. As of 2021, there are more than 58,000 plugins (mainly cost-effective and easy to use) that help customize the website’s pages, capture some information and optimize the website for search engines.

  • User-friendly

WordPress has originated from blogging. Due to this, it is simple to organize content without a lot of website management knowledge. An admin can easily navigate through the backend of their WordPress site and improve the richness of your site by editing pages and uploading new content.

It is simple for users with no expertise in development to run their site, i.e. update the company or blog information, product information, and content for the website. Lack of experience is not an issue as there are innumerable tutorials all over the internet.

  • Plugins for Additional Features

WordPress allows customizing the website via an endless amount of plugins. Plugins are used to extend the functionality or add new features. All it takes is to find the proper plugin with desired functionality and install it. It is important to mention that most of the plugins are at no charge.

It might be confusing for a non-experienced user to get used to and manipulate them. The best alternative would be to cooperate with professional developers that will be able to leverage the various WordPress features and keep the site updated.

  • Numerous Themes

WordPress provides you with plenty of theme variants that can be customized to attract the audience as well as meet the needs of diverse requirements. Themes are used to create the look and feel of the website. They contain groups of files such as graphics, style sheets, and code that dictate the general appearance of the website.

Although it is accessible for an average user to maintain the look of the site by his efforts, it would be more efficient to seek the help of experts. A professional developer will know how to create a complex user-friendly and nice-looking solution and make the most out of the possibilities WordPress provides.

  • Security

In case you are worried about the security and safety of your future website, we are here to take the edge of your hesitations. Despite being open-source, WordPress is an easy and safe platform. It keeps your user’s data and other significant company’s information secure. For your confidence, a developer can install the appropriate plugin to protect your website from getting hacked.

  • Community of Experts

Another great thing that an average user can benefit from is its huge community support. Using WordPress, you can always rely on the community that includes crowds of hired developers, designers, and project managers who are continually working on the faultless performance of websites built via the WordPress platform.

  • Extensive Blogging Platform

WordPress is commonly considered the best platform for blogging. When creating a website, you are provided with a wide variety of blogging functionalities such as tags, widgets, plugins, categories, and many more. Also, a built-in blog is a default feature in WordPress.

  • SEO-friendly

Building your website via WordPress, you can be sure the site will achieve high search engine rankings. The reason for that is clean and simple coding that simplifies reading and indexing content on the website. What’s more, it gives you complete control over the customization of SEO components for each page.

Final thoughts

If you are willing to build a business website that matches your needs and doesn’t require custom coding, WordPress is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to go online. Although you can create and manage your website on your own, there is a more advanced opportunity to take advantage of this platform. Contact a professional software development company that will handle your WordPress development requirements, make your website look appealing, and will attract your target customers.

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