Danish Kaneria: Another Classic Example of Minority Oppression in Pakistan

Danish Kaneria

In the middle of protests taking place against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), we find a man named Danish Kaneria in our neighbouring country who will find it the most welcoming.

This is regarding the ill-treatment of a famous international cricketer – Danish Kaneria, on the grounds of religion. Only for being a Hindu minority in Pakistan:

  • His teammates would refuse to eat with him.
  • He was not given credit for his spectacular performance in various matches that Pakistan won.
  • Since 2012, he has been banned from playing cricket and has not received any help from his team, the PCB or the government to get back to the game.

Mohammad Amir Got Away with Fixing, Danish Kaneria Finds No Respite or Help

If only he had been a Muslim like Mohammad Amir, perhaps he would have some support in getting back to the game. This is the treatment an international player receives for being a minority in Pakistan.

When it comes to the ordinary minorities, this is the situation there so far:

  • There have been cases where girls belonging to Hindu or Christian families are kidnapped, converted to Islam and married to a Muslim.
  • Severe discrimination is faced by the minorities living in Pakistan at their workplace as well as in society.

How Could the CAA Help Out These Minorities?

India’s Citizenship Amendment Act fast tracks the legal citizenship of illegal migrants from neighbouring countries living in India. It is a step to being helpful to those who fled their country to seek shelter here.

Now, there are so many Hindus and Christians in our neighbouring countries who face discrimination just as Danish Kaneria, or maybe even worse. If they wish to seek legal citizenship and residence, India is there to help them out.

In a way, this Act protects all minorities and migrants in India by providing them with legal citizenship. So, if anyone who has migrated to India from the neighbouring countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka, providing them with Indian citizenship might get easier.

While India cannot ask its neighbouring countries to protect their minorities, she has taken a step forward to help them out – irrespective of their religion or caste. Be it Danish Kaneria or any other ordinary minority, every human being deserves equal treatment at their workplace and in the society.

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