Derry Girls is a well-renowned British Sitcom which got released on Netflix back in 2018.

It was a massive success as the audience, especially teenagers loved the dark and gritty humor of this web series.

Based on the 1990s in Ireland, this story follows the daily-life events of Erin and her friends. 

The first two seasons of Derry Girls were much-appreciated by their legion of fans. Created and Written by Lisa Mcgee, Season 3 of this British-Sitcom is definitely on the charts.

The Hat Trick Production house even raised high hopes back in 2019 about the third season being commissioned in 2020.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic,  the production of Derry Girls Season 3 has been halted.

And since, no major updates have been given by the production or the direction house as well.

So when can we expect a Season 3 of Derry Girls?

Derry Girls Season 3 - Series is back with another season

Derry Girls Season 3: The Release Date, The Cast, and The Plot

The cast of the Derry Girls Season 3 will remain the same. Saoirse-Monica Jackson will once again dawn the role of Erin Quinn.

As per sources, everyone in the cast and crew signed a three-season contract.

The Season 2 of the Derry Girls was kind of left on a cliffhanger with the arrival of James’s Mother.

This is followed by the much-awaited arrival of President of United States, Bill Clinton.

The Plot of Season 3 will revolve around the arrival of Bill Clinton.

But sources say that show will also explore the exploits of an episode regarding Black Friday.

Due to the pandemic, the official date has not been confirmed yet.

We can expect the Derry Girls to be back around mid-2021, at best.  


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