In the vast world of digital streaming, few web series have the capability to stimulate the user’s interest.

One of the most appreciated and liked genres is thriller and politics. And Designated Survivor is the classic example of it.

The series started back in 2016 and astonished its viewers all over the world. So far, three seasons of the web series have been released.

Last year, on 24 July 2019, Netflix announced that Designated Survivor Season 4 would not be there.

As season 3 of Designated Survivor left the fans with various unanswered questions, the news about the cancellation of season 4 was terrible for them. 

When will Designated Survivor season 4 happen?

As of now, we only know that Designated Survivor has not been renewed for season 4.

Moreover, Netflix has said that season 3 is a satisfying end to the web series. Though, there are many mysteries and twists that need to be accounted for.

Hence, it is highly unlikely that there will not be a season 4.

Right now, the world is held by a crisis, and all the industries are closed.

So, it is clear that season 4 of Designated Survivor may not drop anytime soon.

But, we can surely keep our hopes high and expect the return of the politics and conspiracy based web series in the future.

Premise and Cast 

The series narrates the tale of Thomas Kirkman, who was the sole survivor of the explosion at the capital building.

Post this, he becomes the commander-in-chief (President) of the US and begins his quest to find out the one responsible for the blast.

Kiefer Sutherland plays the role of Thomas Kirkman.

Apart from him, there are many other cast members, including Natascha McElhone as Alex Kirkman, Adan Canto as Aaron Shore, and Italia Ricci as Emily Rhodes, that have made a huge impact on the series.

The first two seasons of the web series were aired on ABC, whereas, the third season was aired globally on Netflix.


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  1. kevin Mccray Reply

    I hope the series will return and will bring back Lanor,and Mike Ritter the secret service guy.
    Hopefully without all the extra profanity that seems to diminish each character prominence.
    The gay relationship and kissing is bad also, not needed and takes away from the drama. The show
    doesn’t always need sensational drama. Normal topics with good dialog and good acting is fine.
    You have a good cast.. The West Wing was a great Series. DS 4 could move along that model with the cast at present.

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