(Diet Alert) Best Low Carb Chinese Food Choices

Are you craving for a low-carb diet? A low-carb diet plan can do wonders when one plans to lose weight. To get started with a low-carb diet, Chinese food can be a great option. Regardless of the low-carb diet plan one chooses, the goal of low carb Chinese food is to help people with weight loss. Moreover, many restaurants are now offering nutritional menus for health-conscious people.


Basics of Low Carb Eating

A low carb diet is a diet plan that maintains the intake of daily carbohydrates to 20-60 grams. In short, the sugar should be less than 20% of the total daily calories.


Chinese Dishes Offers a Lot of Low Carb Food Options

With Chinese food options, one can easily avoid breaded meats, sweet sauces, or starch-based items. Instead, with low carb Chinese food choices, one gets to opt from a vast number of options, such as steamed meats or stir-fried vegetables that can be served with flavored broth or soy sauce. Also, Read Baby Shower food Ideas.


Food choices can depend on a lot of things, such as how healthy the person is or how much a person exercises, and the amount of weight a person wants to lose. Knowing the low-carb food options from beforehand is always a good option rather than going for food items that contain a high amount of calories.


Identifying the Best Low Carb Chinese Food

However, before going to a restaurant to eat the best low carb Chinese food, it would be better if one goes through the nutritional information online. Within Chinese cuisine, one would get a lot of salad options or wraps. Health-conscious people can opt for low sugar dressing for salads. When ordering salads, don’t opt for honey for the dressings as it can make the salad sweet. Those who love chicken would be able to order grilled or sautéed chicken.


Avoiding Starch

In most Chinese dishes, one would come across starches used as a base for many dishes, like wonton, lo mein, or rolls. Starch is also used as a form of coating for frying protein-based items like chicken. However, one would still get low-carb items within Chinese cuisine. Hence, whatever low carb Chinese food you choose, make sure that the dish doesn’t use enough corn starch as a binder or thickener.


Avoiding Fiber

When you choose low carb Chinese food to order, you should not avoid fiber. However, it is better to opt for the fiber that can be found in plant foods, such as stir-fried fresh vegetables.


Well, when opting for low-carb food, there isn’t much need to reduce the fiber as the sugar and starch are already getting reduced.



What Low Carb Chinese Food Should You Order?

If you are wondering what Chinese food is low carb, you will get plenty of options while soups like egg-drop or soups that are made up of clear and thin broth can be a great choice.  Alternately, one can order a sizzling shrimp platter. This kind of dish includes fresh seared shrimp and Chinese style veggies like snow peas, bell pepper, and onion. Other options include Peking duck and moo shoo pork without the pancakes. Some restaurants offer steamed chicken or tofu with veggies minus the sauces.


Following a limited low-carb diet? Chinese food options can be a great one. The dishes can be customized as per one’s taste. One won’t have to worry about gaining weight.

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