Doctor Who Spyfall :List of Characters in Season 12

After waiting the entire year in 2019, Doctor Who Spyfall is finally back for season 12 in the new year. Unlike season 11, we have more known characters in the negative role in this one.

In the previous season, we saw Sacha turning out to be the Master in disguise. It was a lot more puzzling when he said everything, they thought they know was a lie. What could it possibly mean?

In season 12, we are to find answers to his line along with the reappearance of many characters. Or, shall we say monsters.

Doctor Who Spyfall Season 12; Interesting Times Ahead

We saw plenty of creatures right from season 1-11. Now, season 12 moves on from here with the following monsters:

  • Judoon: This alien looks like a rhinoceros, who was present in season 3 of the series. They are coming back for this one, as shown in the official trailer.
  • Cybermen: Yes, he’s the villain who killed the 12th doctor and his assistant Bill Potts. He’s all set to come back for season 12, the war getting uglier due to his past actions.
  • Racnoss: Do you remember the Empress of Racnoss in “The Runaway Bride”? She’s the one who threatened to ruin Christmas for everyone, also plotting Donna Noble’s downfall. The monster was defeated but probably not killed. So, get ready for some ugly revenge.
  • Daleks: We saw their appearance just in season 11. Though this news isn’t officially confirmed, we’re quite likely to see them return in this season itself.

According to the trailer, the doctor is in serious danger. She senses something is coming for her. Apparently, there might be one or two new characters coming up apart from these.

Who do you think will target her? Do keep watching the show to find the answers.

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