From Vintage to VR: The Best Home Racing Game Experience


There are so many options on the market when it comes to gaming, which wasn’t always the case. Over the years, gaming has developed from the days of laptop-sized controllers to the sleek designs we see today. The introduction of virtual reality took the racing game experience to the next level, and if you haven’t experienced it yet, you’re missing out. The feel and in-game experience feels like you’re in the seat and controlling these incredible machines for real. There can be no substitute for the classics, though, and with arcade machines, you can bring the nostalgia right into your living room. 

To understand the best home racing game experiences, we have rounded up some of our all-time favourites.

The classic arcade machines

Once upon a time, game lovers had to travel to an arcade to enjoy their favourite racing games and feel the track’s adrenaline. With Outrun arcade machines, there is no need to leave the house anymore. Arcade machines are the best way to bring the racing game experience into your living room, games room or even the bedroom if that’s your preference. These machines bring the nostalgia of the arcade racing back and are compact enough not to take up too much space. All you need is a power supply and plenty of hours to devote to your new machine. It’s always fun to get your childhood friends around to enjoy this one with you.

Racing Chair Simulators

One of the best ways to introduce a more life-like experience to your existing setup is with a Racing Chair Simulator. These simulators offer the real look and feel of the racing experience with a racing chair, wheel, accelerator, brakes and even a gear stick. You will feel like a stuntman or woman in no time! The racing chair simulator is one of the best ways to make you feel like a real race car driver and that the track is right beneath you as you drive. These simulators can be used with an existing system, whether it’s a PC, Xbox or PlayStation and are a simple plug and play with your favourite racing games.

Virtual Reality

One of the less space-dependant options to introduce a racing game experience to your home is through virtual reality. These headsets allow you to feel like you are on the track and transport you from the living room to the driver’s seat. As virtual reality is just the headset and peripherals, you can have the racing game experience in any room in your home and don’t need to be concerned about space requirements. Depending on your desired experience, the virtual reality option doesn’t come cheaply. Be sure to do your research and find the system that offers the experience you are after at a price point you’re comfortable with.

The simple wheel and controls

The simplest way to bring the racing game experience into your home is through a console or PC plug-in steering wheel, brake and accelerator. These simple plug-in’s range in price and quality but give you the feel of a real race by allowing you to control the vehicle as if you were driving or riding it. The added benefit of this home setup is the plug and play options with your existing setup, so there is no need to make any purchases beyond the wheel and controls.


Bringing the racing game experience to your home is easier than you think; choosing the option you want, however, is a little bit tougher. There are so many great options, from the classics to the innovative virtual reality options. No matter what experience you’re chasing, there is an option to help bring you trackside from the comfort of your home.

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