Traditional Games That Have Transformed into Online Hits


As the world around us has become increasingly interconnected, it’s difficult to think about a world where Wi-Fi wasn’t available to us. In fact, there would probably be chaos.

We’ve seen what effects there are when the internet goes down, with businesses daily operations coming to a halt, many banking facilities cease to work and life isn’t half as entertaining!

Our reliance on the digital world is often overwhelming when we look at it in this sense, yet the internet also has the ability to bring back a certain nostalgia of childhood memories. Remember snakes and ladders, ludo and checkers? While it’s not common to play these games anymore, thanks to the internet, a number of classic board games have become popular again.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most classic games that have made a digital comeback.


  • Battleship is one of those strategic gamesthat’s been around for decades.
  • It’s a strategy-based guessing game that sees two players reading our coordinates to try to sink each other’s ships that are on a secret grid.
  • In the traditional game, players have a series of different coloured pins they can use to mark off coordinates as they find out more about the other players ship positions.
  • Today, fans of the traditional game are able to download the battleships app. It works in the same way as the original game, only this time it’s been ramped up.

Expect dramatic naval backdrops and animated effects as this childhood classic comes to life. The app also features a tactical mode that gives players an advantage in sinking their opponents ship.


  • It’s the game that’s caused countless family feuds and every so often, the board gets flipped and counters go flying.
  • It’s notorious for being a challenging game and can sometimes last for hours on end, yet most people love it.
  • While the traditional monopoly requires a large, flat surface and has a number of game pieces involved, there’s now a monopoly app that’s revolutionising the game.
  • Forget the fold up monopoly game and properties that you peel off the back of a McDonalds cup, the app allows players to play from anywhere and at any time.

One of the great things about this game is that you can play with friends across the globe. There’s also a quick mode where the game lasts no longer than an hour, which is handy if you fancy a game on your lunch break.

Call of Duty

  • Call of Duty isn’t so much a traditional game, yet it’s one of the most popular games to ever be played on Xbox.
  • Last autumn, the 17th edition of Call of Duty became available to players and has been described as one of the best editions to be released yet.
  • The latest game release is a reboot of the modern warfare series and features a host of new features.
  • CoD has a multiplayer mode where skill based matchmaking is used to pair up players. This version of the game adds an element of nostalgia as they’ve also brought back some of the very first characters and maps, while providing an enhanced experience than what earlier copies offered.

Want to try before you buy? Call of Duty is also available in a scaled back, free version. Although more basic, it’s definitely worth trying before you buy.


  • As traditional casino games have made an online comeback, players can now play their favorites at virtual casinos.
  • There’s now a huge variety of games from blackjack to poker and online slots.
  • However, a particular favorite appears to be live roulette games, players can play with a real dealer, giving them the feeling of being in a real casino.

Many in-app casino games now also come with a variety of social features, from leadership boards and chat rooms, to exclusive in game competitions and bonuses. They also provide some impressive graphics and a far more interactive experience than what used to be available.


  • Scrabble is another classic gamethat has been reinvented by the internet.
  • Fans of this traditional board game are now able to download an app and play on the go.
  • One of the great things about the scrabble app is that there’s no pieces to lose down the back of your sofa and no calculator required at the end to total up your score.
  • Simply grab a quick game when and wherever you feel like it.

Overall, these classics are not only more accessible through their virtual counterparts, they offer a fantastic interactive experience. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to try them out.

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