Getting Free Xbox Live Codes With Legit Methods

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Xbox is one of the most popular gaming consoles after PS4. They have a great share in the market of gaming entertainment Most of the gaming developers produce a number of game collections for Xbox console. Like, every other platform Xbox too has its premium feature which will let you unlock some specific premium feature. But Not everyone here likes to pay for a subscription as we all love freebies. So, here in this article, I will be mentioning some legit ways by using which you can get Xbox live Gold Codes without paying a single penny.

Xbox live is one of the most popular features of Xbox from Microsoft Corporation which will let you play your Xbox games on your Windows Platform and fetch all your purchased games over your computer device and let you enjoy Xbox games over your Computer. You can have a competition with players from all over the world and can also create your own gaming avatar. Xbox also has specific premium feature Bummer which will let you unlock some great Xbox options.

Is it Possible to get Xbox Live codes for free?

Yes, it is possible but we all know the internet is a deep ocean and everything we get here is not real. Same is the case with Xbox codes there are a number of scams about getting Xbox live codes for free. Most of you come across Sites like code generator which claims to generate Xbox live codes and most of them turn out to be scam and left people with no hope. So, in this article, I will be explaining some working and legit ways which will help you in getting Xbox live codes for free and have uninterrupted premium services.

Methods to get Xbox Live Codes For Free

Method # 1: Creating All New Xbox Account

Whenever we talk about getting free Xbox live code the first method which came up in our mind is Creating a new Xbox account which will give you 1 month of free access to Xbox live without paying a single dime all you have to follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Signup for a new Microsoft Account.
  • Login to your newly created Microsoft Account & look for the subscriptions page.
  • Tap on Gold Membership 1 month Free trial & hit the next button.
  • Add Your Credit Card For a Valid Registration.
  • Enter Your Desired Billing Information & hit the next button.
  • Now, all you have to follow the On-Screen Instructions For a Successful Registration.

Remember These Points While Creating a new Account For Free Xbox Live codes:

  1. You can have only 1 Gamer tag if you are availing Xbox live Gold Membership trial.
  2. Remember to cancel the subscription before completing 1 month, so that you didn’t automatically opt for Xbox live gold membership.
  3. For one Console, You can get only 3 trial accounts. it is a limitation set by Microsoft.
  4. After availing all three trial accounts, you will not receive  Xbox live trial email from Microsoft.
  5. Make Sure You enter a valid billing information with proper location address and your original country.

Method #2 :  Getting Xbox live codes with Reddit giveaways

For getting free Xbox live codes, this Reddit giveaway is one of the most trustworthy methods for getting Xbox live codes.As most of you are aware of Reddit potential it contains a large information of any of the topic you want all you have to find the best and correct Reddit thread and sub-Reddit for Xbox live codes giveaways. here, we are giving some Reddit links from where you can try your luck and get Xbox live codes for free.


Method # 3: Activate Xbox Live Trial (if never used before)

If your family member or friend owns Xbox which is never used before for Xbox live account, then you have a great golden chance to get 1 month free Xbox gold subscription without any cost. All you have to follow these given steps for activating Xbox live trial.

  • Login to your Microsoft account using Xbox console.
  • Navigate towards subscription page.
  • Add credit card details .
  • enter your valid address accordingly.
  • Follow all the on display instructions correctly.
  • Xbox live gold will be activated for 1 month.

Method #4 : Get Xbox live codes by using GPT Websites

GPT sites are one of the best way to make some quick bucks over the internet. here, I am talking about the GPT sites that helps you in getting Xbox live codes for free.For getting free Xbox live codes using GPT websites all you have to do small tasks for earning coins and points later on you can easily exchange these points and coins for Xbox live codes you also have an option to exchange these points for different other types of gift cards. Always make sure to check the authenticity of the GPT sites you are using and I personally suggest you not to invest money on these GPT sites just earn some coins or points and you can easily exchange it with Xbox live codes or any other sort of gift cards. Some of the tasks to be done on GPT sites are mentioned below:


  • Installing different sponsored apps and games.
  • Reviewing different online products.
  • Playing Online sponsored games.
  • Promoting Content over different social media handles.

Some Of The working and legit GPT websites:

Method #5 : Get Free Xbox live codes using GPT Applications

GPT Applications are somewhat same as GPT websites they just are in the form of applications. For getting free Xbox live codes you have to just install GPT apps on your device and perform different Small tasks as you do in GPT websites. the tasks these GPT apps will ask you to do are installing games, apps, watching video ads and some other simple tasks. Here, I am mentioning some working GPT applications which will help you in earning Xbox live codes and different another type of gift cards.

  • AppNana
  • JunoWallet
  • FreeMyApps
  • TopCashRewards

Final Words:

Hope, After Reading The Above Article You will now able to get Free Xbox Live Codes Without Trapping Into Fake Websites Claiming To Generate Xbox Live Codes For Free. Please Comment If You Have Any Query Left In Your Mind.

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