Great American Beer Festival : Tickets, Date and Schedule


The Great American Beer Festival is hosted annually for three days. It is a festival that attracts visitors from across the globe. If you are looking for the Great American Beer Festival Tickets, you better hurry up as this year’s edition is almost there. But before you know more about the tickets, here are the things that you didn’t know about this festival.


  • Thousands of visitors attend the festival to sample different craft beers of American Origin.
  • There are also winners in this festival. The winners are awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.
  • The festival was founded in the year 1982 in Boulder, Colorado.
  • This is the largest beer festival of its kind in the United States.
  • The number of attendees keeps increasing every year.
  • The event is held annually for three days every year.


The Dates for 2019

The Great American Beer Festival dates typically remain between September and early October. It is usually held inside the Colorado convention center. This year you can expect the Great American Beer Festival to begin on the 4th of October and end on the 6th of October.


What to expect from the Great American Beer Festival Ticket Prices?

The tickets for the fantastic festival are always in high demand every year internationally. This year’s edition marks the 38th Annual Great American Beer Festival. The ticket prices for this year’s edition has held steady and starts at $85 per person.


Types of Tickets

Here are some of the ticket types mentioned below:


General Session Ticket

This category of the ticket includes the commemorative tasting glass, the festival programs and also, unlimited samples of one-ounce. This is the standard category of the ticket and is always in demand.


Member session

You will find this session to remain open for minimal time. In maximum cases, it is sold out. The member session includes a $5 discount for each guest and on each general session ticket. To that, it also consists of the other facilities in the general session category.


Paired and GABF tickets

This category includes a special entrance that can be paired with a tasting of 50 unique beers (unlimited). The beers include from 25 small and independent breweries from some of the most popular and award-winning chefs.


Drivers Tickets

This category includes tickets for the designated Driver Lounge. It covers the festival program, hospitality, unlimited soda, and unique gift.


Where to Buy Great American Beer Festival Tickets?

There are different types of tickets at the Great American Beer Festival. If you are looking to buy tickets for the festival, it is available online, mainly from the official website.


The Great American Beer Festival initially started back in 1982. Back then, it attracted 24 breweries, 47 beers, and 800 attendees. With continual success, the festival built its reputation. Today, it is already in the 38th edition and enthusiastically attracts beer lovers from across the world. Every year it is not just the attendees that keep increasing but the participants and beer types as well.

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