How Casinos Use Music to Set the Mood


It might surprise you to learn that casinos carefully plan what type of music to play in order to evoke a particular emotion and create a great atmosphere for players. We know that music profoundly affects our mood in many situations, and gambling is no different. The neurological effects of music are wide-ranging, and music can influence people in different ways. That being said, you can usually elicit a specific response with a particular type of music. Let’s see how casinos use music to set the mood.

How is music used in brick-and-mortar casinos?

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Behavioural Addictions found that the type of music played in casino environments had a significant impact on the way in which people behaved. In particular, players that we’re listening to music with a low tempo spent time contemplating their moves and were persistent while gambling. In contrast, players listening to higher-tempo music had faster actions and were more outgoing with their spending.

This is interesting as it highlights the fact that casinos can utilize music to manipulate their customers’ gambling habits. For example, it is profitable to encourage gamblers to act faster when playing specific table games and slots in particular. Conversely, gamblers need to think methodically and stay in some games, like high-stakes poker games, for longer durations. This means that different areas of brick-and-mortar casinos are likely to have different background music to encourage particular playing behaviors.

A separate study published in 2018 in the Journal of Gambling Issues noted that players don’t necessarily understand the influence that background music has on their habits. Despite this, casinos undoubtedly understand the importance of getting the music just right for their clients. The vast majority of successful casinos play soft, melodic music in general areas of the casino, to encourage players to relax and feel comfortable. If gamblers are relaxed and enjoying themselves, they will feel more comfortable and are likely to spend more money on various games.

What about online casinos?

Background music might not be the first thing you think about when playing online casino games. Still, it is carefully incorporated by online casino websites shown at Topbettingsites, just like it is in brick-and-mortar casino venues. As well as similar background music played in casinos around the world, online casino games are designed to mimic the sounds of a real-life casino.

When playing an online game, for instance, you will hear the coins fall through the slot machines, as well as the flick of cards on the table when playing. You will also listen to lots of jackpot sounds and cheering when you win, which try and reflect the environment that is created in a busy casino venue. Web developers spend a lot of time and money on ensuring the online casino experience is as immersive as possible, and because sounds and music are a huge part of the casino experience, you can expect the audio used on online casino sites to be reflective of real life.