How Has the Latest Technology Diversified the Way We Play Games?


It’s easy to overlook how much technology has changed the way we play games. By looking at a few examples of recent enhancements in the industry, we can see how the introduction of new ways of playing has opened up exciting new possibilities in different areas of gaming.

Many Versions of Roulette Including Live Dealer Games

Roulette has been played in casinos since the 18th century, but the last couple of decades have seen the game diversify more than ever before. If you look for online casino roulette options at a site such as Betfair, you’ll now find a big selection of titles to choose from. Among the titles are Original Roulette, Premium Roulette and Penny Roulette. The variety doesn’t stop there, though, as you’ll see a large number of roulette games with unique features as well as live dealer titles like Lightning Roulette.

Live roulette has provided arguably the biggest change. By live-streaming a human dealer onto each player’s screen, this way of playing has allowed operators to combine online convenience with the excitement of a genuine casino setting. While many live versions of this game are based on classic European or American rules, we can also see the likes of Speed Roulette and Spread Bet Roulette giving different ways of playing.

Cloud Gaming Has Freed Us from Buying Powerful Devices

The switch to cloud gaming is well underway, with services like Amazon Luna and Google Stadia among the leading names in a fast-growing sector. This way of playing uses cloud technology to store the games remotely, meaning that players anywhere in the world can play them. This means that buying individual games isn’t necessary, as each gamer just looks in the cloud for the games they want to play.

One of the obvious benefits of this is that gamers can now pay a monthly subscription fee and access as many games as they like. But perhaps an even bigger advantage will become clearer over the next few years. This is because players don’t need to supply their own processing power to play in this way so they don’t need to buy a powerful gaming PC or console every few years, as the cloud service provides the power they need even for highly demanding games.   

The Introduction of Virtual Reality Fuels Our Wishes for Niche Games

Virtual reality (VR) hasn’t quite broken through into the mainstream yet, but there’s every chance that this happens in the next couple of years or so. By using a VR headset, we get to enter into a truly immersive game where the action feels as lifelike as you can imagine. In what way is the trend for playing VR diversifying the gaming market, though?

The key point in this subject is that this technology lets us go in-depth on games like never before. Because of this, VR games are highly varied, as they need to appeal deeply to certain gamers. It’s more likely that we see a growing number of niche titles like The Room and Lost Recipes from this list of VR games, rather than generic games that appeal across the board. VR could give us the chance to play what we really want to play and in a way that makes us feel part of the action.

Bearing all of these points in mind, it seems certain that the gaming market continues to diversify as more new technology is added over time.