How Streamers Can Use Social Media to Build Relationships


Engagement is the fuel that keeps content creators like casino streamers going. Gambling streams have gained popularity exponentially. Each week, a gambler or gambling enthusiast out there discovers casino streaming. Twitch, the largest streaming platform, has numerous accounts broadcasting gambling content. As this market becomes flooded, the demand for streamers to stay relevant increases even more. Whether you stream slots, table games or poker, you must stay connected to viewers most of the time. If you are offline for too long, you risk losing any ground you gained when building your viewership.

Social media allows you to interact with your Twitch subscribers even when you are not broadcasting live. Almost every streamer has social media pages on the main platforms, namely Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They use these sites to interact with fans and other gamblers. When done right, social media doesn’t just help you maintain the relationships you have but forge new ones, as well. However, not every slot streamer out there knows how to capitalise on the power of socials. When starting out as a casino game streamer, you should learn how to boost engagement through different social media sites. If you are successful, these platforms can even help you generate revenue.

Find the Best Sites for Streamers

The social networking scene never stops growing. It seems like a new platform is out each day. Therefore, settling on one or two websites can be challenging for casino streamers. What you should understand from the get-go is that different sites will have varying outcomes because the interactions are distinct. Additionally, the audiences available on these networks are not all the same. Thus, as a streamer, you should know which medium serves your needs best. The major social media websites are all worth considering.

Instagram works for visual branding. The site boasts over a billion active users. You can corner your audience through short clips of your streams, pictures and live streams. It’s the ideal platform for your brand’s aesthetics.

Facebook is the most-used social website. So, you can expect to find a large section of gambling enthusiasts from all over the world. This network is also perfect when looking to set up a business page to help with your income generation.

Twitter is suitable for short messages, particularly meme-inspired posts. If you already have a decent number of followers, then you can use tweets to inform them of upcoming events, promotions and schedules.

Besides Twitch, some players use YouTube as well to show their content. Despite banning gambling content, YouTube remains a reliable platform to post video content.

You will find streamers who are active on all these sites. For example, Casino Streamer Trainwreckstv is on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. However, engaging on multiple networks takes discipline and a lot of work. You have to be certain that you can handle them appropriately.

Know Your Audience

Yes, you spent time with your subscribers while broadcasting to them, but do you actually know them? The first step to building relationships with your viewers is comprehending who they are. Learning everything about your audience makes communicating with them less complicated. Plus, you will know where to interact with them effectively. So, find out about the demographics of your followers. What are their hobbies, favourite games and related interests? Look at what else catches their attention besides your gambling streams. Are there other channels that they frequent a lot? You can see what Facebook pages they comment on, the tweets they like, the Instagram posts they favourite, and so on. Once you understand your audience better, then you can craft messages that hit all the right spots.

Have Clear Objectives

What do you intend to achieve through your social media engagements? Without goals, then you will be posting aimlessly, then settle for any positive result. You must be sure that the outcome of your social media strategy is what you were aiming for. Therefore, define your objectives. Firstly, think of your streaming as a business. Even when broadcasting for fun, it helps if you can get something out of it. Hence, set goals like you would for any venture. Secondly, ensure that the objectives align with your branding. Anything you do should be for the well-being of your Twitch channel. Remember that goals should be attainable, concise and measurable. After a few weeks of posting on the chosen networks, you should be able to determine if your efforts yielded fruits. Your social media objectives also dictate the right sites to use.

Post for Varied Demographics

The beauty of having multiple social networks is that you can reach different audiences. Understand that your gambling streams don’t appeal to the same people. Some viewers are on your Twitch channel to learn how to play slots, others want tips on how to improve their skills, while another portion might be there for entertainment. Your interactions have to cater to these audiences separately. Thus, provide content that gives everyone what they need. As tempting as it might be, don’t replicate your Facebook posts on Twitter or Instagram. The to be original on each platform. Learning what different viewers want might take a while, but it is worth it.

Offer Value

Knowing what attracts your audience and picking the right platforms doesn’t mean much if you don’t provide value. Announcing your schedules and posting highlights of your streams are vital. However, use social media for more than that. Share knowledge with your viewers, diversify content and entertain them. Give audiences the need to visit your pages at least more than once. It’s even better if they can talk about you to other potential viewers.

When running a casino streaming channel, a Twitch social media strategy is one way to foster and maintain relationships. Interactions are integral in the streaming sector, and gamblers are no exception. Use different networks to connect with viewers such that they don’t have to wait until you go live to communicate with you.

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