How To Get Hulu For Free Legitimately?

Hulu for free

Entertainment is an integral part of every person’s life. And to serve all, there are many online platforms these days.

Hulu is one of those online platforms that offer various live TV channels, movies, and seasons to its viewers.

Now, we all are aware that Hulu charges a fee for its use, and it varies based on access duration.

What if you could access the online premium streaming service for free, it would be great, isn’t it?

Let’s take a look at some ways through which you can get Hulu for free.

Enjoy The Online Streaming Service Hulu For Free

Though there is no long term method to get the Hulu streaming service absolutely free, there are some ways to get it free for some time.

Take a look at the methods mentioned below to save some extra bucks.

Go for the trial version

When you go to the Hulu website, it displays an option for starting a free trial.

You can opt for that choice, but it will only last for 30 days.

Now, if you have family members with credit and debit cards, you can use their cards to get another free trial after the first one ends.

This way, you can get access to video content that is free of cost.

Make sure you remove the details of the credit card after the free trial ends.

Account Sharing 

This is one of the best ways to get free access to Hulu.

If any of your friends or family members have a Hulu subscription, you can ask them to share their account with you.

If you have a Hulu account, it can run simultaneously on two devices.

Along with this, it also supports six different streaming profiles.

Students can get Hulu for free

This way is not entirely free, but you can get access to the awesome content on Hulu at a relatively lower price. So, while one platform, such as WriteMyEssays, handles your papers, you can benefit from another.

If you are a college student, you can get access to the Hulu content free of cost.

You need to pay just $4.99 for Spotify premium, which is fifty percent less than the usual.

Post this; you can add Hulu to the premium account of Spotify and enjoy it.

Reward Websites

You can also get access to Hulu services through earning rewards like gift cards from websites like Microsoft Rewards, Swagbucks, Rakuten, and more.

You can earn points by playing games, doing surveys, watching ads, and more.


  1. Would be nice if Netflix would acknowledge the hack my account was accessed from Thailand and the email and password changed. Since it also happened to Netflix a couple years ago it shows they can’t secure your info safely

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