Having a wide subscriber base is, undoubtedly, a great accomplishment, but the open rate of your emails is not less important for your marketing campaign to succeed. Businesses strive to grow as many active subscribers as possible in order to convert them into potential customers. This is the main reason for companies to create informative and useful email subscription programs.

Thanks to thousands of letterhead templates from Crello Unlimited,creating an attractive email design is not an issue anymore. However, increasing and maintaining a decent open rate is still the major competition arena. Fortunately, numerous proven practical approaches allow content creators to drastically improve their emails’ performance.

Develop a Quality Email Layout

While virtual mails are, mainly, all about written information, their appearance is, nonetheless, of high importance. Basically, there are 5 features possessed by any email. Here, we refer to the sender name, the subject, the preheader text, the body of the email, and a unique piece of the message — the call to action part.

Before opening an email, its recipient will only notice the first 3 features. You should pay extra attention to them, as the user will either open the email or forward it to the trash after analyzing this information.

Speaking about a sender, its name shouldn’t be too corporate. Actually, the more humane it is, the more users are likely to open the email.

A subject line has to answer the question “Why do I need to open this email?”. Unfortunately, good subject lines have size limitations, as they will be read on different screens, from smartphones to PCs. Keep this is in mind and try to avoid exceeding 5-word sentences.

A preheader deserves somewhat lower priority, as it simply displays text at the beginning of the letter. It is better to make it relevant to the topic of the message.

Optimize a Letter for Different Platforms

In 2021, users prefer mobile devices to PCs or laptops when accessing the Internet. Consequently, smartphones and tablets are used for email checking more often (via web browsers or mobile apps). This fact has to be taken into account when preparing a marketing mail, as iOS or Android phones have smaller displays. These screens aren’t capable of showing long sender names and subjects. If you want to treat different readers equally, you have to make these fields either short or universal so that the message won’t be destroyed upon shortening.

Analyze and Define the Best Timing

Time frames during which users are actively examining their inboxes differ from one audience to another. Your targeted audience can be absolutely unique; hence, you’ll have to make several tests to determine the time when your emails have to be sent to achieve the best performance.

After you’ve analyzed the data, don’t forget to stick to your routine and reach out to your subscribers on the same day and at the same time every week (or month).

Let the User Control the Schedule

To some extent, this advice is the opposite of the previous one, but still, you should listen to people on the other side of the line and take their preferences into consideration. Therefore, give your subscribers the liberty to choose the number of emails they want to receive, the time frame comfortable for them, and the topic they are interested in.

Options for subscription customization can be attached to every email you send, at the bottom of the letter, or you can send messages aimed to ask for such changes. In the latter case, don’t bother your users too often and question them quarterly.

Contact Your Subscribers in a Friendly Manner

A big part of businesses uses a rather formal language for email communication with subscribers. As a result, recipients take these messages as spam or high-pressure advertising. You can easily improve your performance by talking to your potential customers in a more respectful and friendly manner. It will also make your emails stand out among other marketing emails; thus, you will draw the attention of a wider audience.

Examine Your Visitors

Motivating your subscribers is much about their interests, hobbies, and needs; hence, knowing them better will favor you a lot. You can fill your database with useful information by surveying your email recipients regularly. Asking them even a couple of questions will give you and your company a way wider understanding of what your users want. Afterward, you can exploit that data to develop more advanced and comprehensive marketing strategies and reach a higher level of engagement.


Overall, what you have to remember at all times is that you should aim at supplying the demands of your community rather than force them to open your upcoming emails. For sure, it will create a much healthier environment for community management and influence your stats positively.


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