How to start your Game Streaming Career?


Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Game Streaming Career

Most people nowadays have stayed longer indoors ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

It may be such a hassle for those who cannot leave their homes for work, but for gamers, there is a silver lining to this quarantine period. There is more time for gameplay or for watching live streaming of games by popular gamers!

Game streaming is one of the best careers that does not require leaving the home. It may sound as a work-from-home option for popular gamers, but it really is just a hobby that gets paid.

Yes, one of the reasons why people do game streaming is that they are good in dealing with a live online audience.

Aside from that, gamers love to share their tips and strategies while they play games online.

It seems like an easy job but it really entails a lot of preparations and patience when you think of it as a long term career.

Invest in High Quality Hardware


Before starting your game streaming career, you must prepare yourself financially. Why?

Live streaming has to be of top quality. The audience can make or break you.

No one will bother to stay and watch if your audio and video components are not great.

This means that you need to invest in a really good camera and a high quality microphone. Blue Yeti can clearly project your voice when you talk and costs around $190.

Oftentimes, people do not only watch purely for the game itself. It is the one talking and making comments while playing the game.

So you need to communicate well with the audience for them to patronize you.

Be seen and be heard well enough to jumpstart your game streaming dream.

Build Your Audience

Everybody starts at the bottom in any type of career. So, for game streaming, building a specific audience will take time.

This is one of the basic things that a person must know before doing live streaming at all.

Your audience is like your bread and butter.

They make you famous for some brands to notice your talent.

So be careful in setting up and building your fans. Be nice during streaming and have fun.

The audience will keep on watching and following you when they love the entertainment you provide.

Changing your game genres won’t make a big deal as well.

Your audience will still watch you even if you play a totally different type of game.

Popular vs Non Popular Game to Stream

There are a lot of games in which you can easily stream. It may be a less popular game or that game that everyone is going crazy at.

There is no problem in streaming a fairly new and non-popular game. But a major downside is that even if you are really good at streaming, your followers will only be a few since the game is not yet popular.

With regards to a popular game, this is a better option if you are new to streaming. This will give you a big chance on being noticed in the gaming world.

Aside from that, there is a potentially higher number of viewers. But having a break in streaming varies for different people. It still boils down to how you stream at all.

The best game, therefore, to start this career is something that you are good at.

If you have unique and very effective strategies for free fire games, eventually, you will have a good following.

You may start out with a couple of viewers. Once you gain momentum, more followers will come. It will be like all other careers.

Trial and error will help you get through as there is no one simple road to success.

Learn How to Earn Through Advertisements and Sponsorships

Do you ever wonder how some top game streamers earn over $100,000? Earning in this career does not rely solely on live streaming alone, but through sponsorships, advertisements or even guest appearances.

A big chunk of earnings through game streaming is by sponsoring brands on a daily basis, so you need to discern which ad to promote or not when streaming.

Researching and knowing each product or brand before accepting an offer is important as it will reflect on your game streaming career. Followers will also be affected on your choice of ads.

Game streaming may seem like an easy job to do but actually, it’s not an easy path to take if you are considering doing it full-time.

It requires long hours each day to keep your followers entertained. So when you are sick or unwell, it may show during streaming.

That is why you have to be fit and healthy to look upbeat and into the game. To stream successfully, you have to be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared.

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