How to view deleted Tweets on Twitter?

view deleted Tweets

Twitter is a huge social networking platform accessed by most of us.

Moreover, tweets are the ways we communicate with people on it. And it becomes a nightmare sometimes if one of our tweets get deleted.

Though it is unintentional, it is pretty frustrating. So, here is how to view deleted tweets.

To be very clear, there is no way so far to recover the deleted tweets on twitter.

However, you can try your luck using the below methods. 

Ways to view deleted tweets??

Let’s explore some of the ways to view deleted tweets.

The Best Way

The best and effective way to view your tweets is the archive method.

All you need to do is a request for the archive from Twitter. Follow the mentioned steps to do it:

  • Log in to your Twitter account.
  • Click on the “More” option followed by “settings and privacy”.
  • Choose the “Your Twitter data” option, followed by entering your password.
  • Post this, click on the “Request Archive” button. After this, wait till you get the notification from Twitter that your archive is ready.
  • You will get a mail from which you can download the twitter data.
  • Extract the obtained zip file and open the “tweets” folder.
  • Open the  “index.html” file to get all the tweets.

Here you will get all the tweets, retweets, and deleted tweets. 

Apart from this, you can also get your hands-on the deleted tweets using tools like:

  • Wayback Machine: You need to copy and paste your profile page link into the tool search box. Post this, choose the time period that you want to view and VOILA! You should be able to view the tweets.


  • Snapbird: This is an innovative tool that provides you an awesome interface for viewing tweets. Just enter the username of the account, and you will get the required information.

These are some methods using which you can view deleted and similar tweets on Twitter.

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