iOS Programmers In Demand As The World Goes Mobile


There are almost two million iOS apps available in the App Store, collecting hundreds of billions of downloads every year, meaning iOS developers have never had it so good.

Around 32,000 apps are released on the App Store every month which means the demand for developers has never been higher. It all started when Apple simplified the process for creating apps and opened the door for more individuals and businesses to produce and release their own apps.

In October 2014, Apple introduced Swift, a new programming language that has since become one of the most popular programming languages on the market. Given Swift’s ease of learning compared to Javascript, Java, and Python and its highly user-friendly nature, many even children are looking into getting into iOS development.

There are numerous creatives, students, and writers that are also learning iOS Development. It appears that it’s not only for experienced programmers or coders anymore and the demand couldn’t be higher for people wanting to become an iPhone developer.

iOS Developers Are In High Demand, Driving Salaries Higher And Higher

There is no secret surrounding the popularity of iOS apps and the growing need for developers. According to Apple’s website, apps created two million jobs in the United States alone, resulting in a new economy that should reach $6.3 trillion in 2021.  

The rise in demand means salaries are also spiking. Apple developers in Australia earn an average salary of $121,250 per year or $62.18 per hour. As an entry-level position, the average annual salary is $115,000, while experienced workers typically make $148,500.

What Is The Reason People Are Buying More From Mobile Shopping Apps?

The global COVID-19 pandemic obviously forced many people to shop online, including using apps to make purchases online. But this trend was already spiking sharply in 2019 before coronavirus was even a thing. 

In a 2019 Mobile Commerce Report, commissioned by New York-based mobile partnership company Button, it is found that mobile shoppers browsed through apps more than ever before, increasing by 61 per cent from 2017 to 2018.

Over the holidays, shoppers made 108 per cent more purchases through apps than via mobile web. The average consumer spent 121 per cent more in 2018 than they did in 2017.  

Consumers Are Demanding A Personalised Experience

The surge in apps means there is lots of competition and people don’t want their smartphones littered with hundreds of apps they are not going to use. Consumers who shop online with their smartphones have fewer than two retailer-specific apps on their phones, and 21 per cent do not have any at all, according to a Forrester report.

Before they will download an app, shoppers expect it to provide an experience that they cannot get on the mobile site. According to the Forrester survey, shoppers demand a personalised experience, a fast download speed, and convenience. Apps that do not deliver will be deleted.

How To Become An iOS Developer In 2021

A truly great iOS Developer must have a solid grasp of a number of hard skills. The process of submitting your app for the App Store includes user testing, compliance, market research and basic design, as well as coding, as well as user research, testing and designing the app.

It is simple to learn the basics of these hard skills, but it requires a lot of dedication and application toward the study. Additionally, the best iOS Developers have a wide range of soft skills in addition to technical abilities. These may require additional time to master, but thankfully, they can be practised across many different disciplines.

If you think you have what it takes, the best method is to learn the fundamental skills of programming with Swift and take it from there.

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