Is your Netflix account hacked? Here is how you can find out.

Netflix account hacked

The article has updates at the end.

Hacking is not a new phenomenon for anyone of us. We all know that hacking is part and parcel of using connected services and the Internet.

And hacking is the reason behind the enhancement of security systems around the world.

Bank websites, social networks, government websites are classic examples of excellent security systems.

And if you have a Netflix account, you need to be cautious about that too.

The reason behind this is you can’t be in a position where you are searching ’” Netflix Account Hacked.” Prevention is always better than cure.

Recently, the web security site McAfee revealed several Netflix accounts had been hacked along with critical information like credit card credentials.

Netflix is one of the most popular TV and movie screening platform in the world.

With over 169 million users on the web, it is no wonder that it became a target of hackers.

If you are a Netflix user, you need to make sure that your account is safe.

Netflix account hacked? How do you find out?

As the hackers raided many Netflix accounts recently, it is crucial to check if there is someone who is secretly enjoying your account.

It is a bit tough to know in regular use as multiple users can access Netflix simultaneously.

But by following the below-mentioned steps, you can find the culprit who is behind your hacked Netflix account.

  • Log in to your Netflix account and open the account option.
  • Post this, click on the viewing activity and check if the recently watched content is of your interest. If it is, then close the account settings. Now the hackers can delete the viewing history too. If you are not sure, follow the steps below.
  • Check the recent device streaming settings. Check if the locations are familiar to you. If there are logins from unknown locations, your account might have got hacked. You need to log out of all the devices by going into the settings option. This will log you out from all the devices, even from the one with the hacker.
  • Now, you need to change the password so that no one can re-access your account. Try if you can change the username also. Keep a strong password not matching with any of your other passwords.

This way, you will ensure that you and only you are enjoying the Netflix streaming services you have paid from your pocket.

Update (24 March 2020): Users are complaining about not being able to contact Netflix due to the current crisis

We have been getting many comments with users complaining of being stuck on Netflix Call Support for hours in vain.

This is because most of the companies across the world are operating with a significantly reduced workforce as a preventive measure against the global crisis.

You should be able to contact call support as and when the situation improves.

The chat support is still up and can be used in the meanwhile.


  1. What can you do if your account was hacked and Netflix customer service isn’t responding to calls? Someone hacked my account and then changed the email address on my account, so I can’t even get logged in! And when calling customer service, “due to high call volume” they aren’t answering the phones!

    • They have virtual assistance and you can chat with them online. Mine was hacked and they were really helpful! Someone by the name of Jose P. In Venezuela and in Chile hacked me…assholes.

  2. Netflix online chat couldn’t help me and informed me to ring. When you ring you get a prerecorded message saying essentially sorry we are busy can’t help. I’m locked out of my Netflix account and concerned given the mass overload of their systems that Netflix has been compromised by hackers. Thoughts ?

    • This sort of response from Netflix is totally uncalled for. I would suggest you to contact them via Facebook or Twitter. You can tag them and show the world that they are not helping out. Negative publicity on social media is the last thing that a company would want.

  3. My account was hacked Wednesday March 18, e-mail changed and phone number deleted. I have no way to sign-in and when I call Netflix all there is is a recording telling me they can’t help right now and to call back later. I’ve found no other way to contact Netflix. This is terrible customer service.

    • Any luck?? Same thing for me… someone changed my email address & I am now locked out of my account and CANNOT get a response from Netflix on their live chat. I’ve been on live chat hold for a solid day. It starts out as 1 hour wait time then as soon as it hits 23 minutes wait time it bounces right back to an hour!!

  4. As of March the 17th I haven’t been able to get on Netflix. Every thing seems to be find when I checked my activity log, but I can’t even get on YouTube, prime video, or tubi anymore via my iPad. What’s going on ???

  5. Customer service will not assist. They said I had to cancel my account. And be a they could not verify “the email “(the one it was changed to I could not regain access. Even though they told me they showed my “old email” on file. Which I gave them. They said the only way they could fix this was to verify my credit card number.
    (Not the last four but the whole number). Needless to say I was not going to provide e that information so I asked that my account be canceled. When I asked them to send me a confirmation they refused “because the email didn’t match to what it was changed to. It was a jibberish email they said ). When I attempted to confirm I wouldn’t get billed again. She said that when the charge no longer comes out of my bank account that’s how I’ll know.

    So now amI not only had to cancel my account but I had to cancel my card. And wait for my new card (which will take At least 6 weeks).

    I saved my whole conversation.

  6. cannot login to my account. everything is in a different language. all I was able to do is sign up for a 30 day trial and when finished, instructions in foreign language. symbols rather than letters.

  7. Yesterday, when i was just scrolling through my ”Recent device streaming activity” i noticed that there were literally sign ins as well as usage of my netflix account from various countries and states. I am from India and i noticed a sign in from Romania. I don’t know how they cracked my password and were able to login. I think netflix should put the code whenever someone tries to login from the account. A security verification code so that users could see that someone else are also trying to login but were not able to get in due to the verification code being sent on the mobile/gmail/email..,etc.This is a serious issue as i don’t earn much income but i want myself to be protected from any theft. And if netflix can’t provide such security to their users then who would want to stay there if there are hackers using our accounts for free where on the other hand we are working day/night to earn certain income and then be able to get an account and pay for the subscription. And hackers get it for free? This issue should be raised! If i am paying for my account ONLY I should be able to USE IT. The only solution we have for netflix is to change the password? but even if we did the hacker would target someone else and do the same with them! Is this fair?

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