In simple terms, the cream of tartar is the powdery form of tartaric acid. It is similar to vinegar or lemon. This is also the best substance to be used in baking and many more cooking preparations. From making better candy to fluffy cakes to sparkling your kitchen, this powder can complement almost anything. The best thing about the cream of tartar is that it never expires. But for better storage, you can keep it in a sealed container.

Cream of Tartar has several benefits listed below:


Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the biggest addictions to sacrifice. But what if the taste of cigarettes become way too unpleasant, would you still smoke? Cream of tartar can help you bring an end to smoking when combined with orange juice. This makes the taste of cigarettes too unpleasant. It also helps in flushing out Nicotine from the body and provides it with the necessary potassium.


Urinary Tract Infections

Treating the known and unknown urinary tract infections are possible with the cream of tartar. It can eliminate infections by making the area untenable for any infection to survive.


Treating Acne

Cream of tartar is antibacterial and antitoxin in nature. If you can consume the cream in small amounts each day, it can significantly prevent the break out of acne.



Consuming cream of tartar in the right amount can also balance the pH levels. This can reduce the chances of heartburn.


Weight Loss

Although it is not clear whether consuming the tartar directly can provide weight loss. But it is believed that consuming it with milk can boost the efforts of weight loss.


Excess consumption of cream of tartar should be avoided because of its high potassium content. Besides the health benefits of cream of tartar, it has certain household uses too. For example, you can mix it with vinegar to form a paste. This paste can be used for cleaning different metal and other surfaces.


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