(Merger) Black Web 2.0 Announces Merger with Scoop Byte


Popular tech blogging and new media news platform Black Web 2.0 operating as website www.blackweb20.com has announced its merger with media outlet Scoop Byte which is operating as www.scoopbyte.com.


With this merger, the latter would be able to harness the technology prowess of the former. Here is an excerpt from the public statement made by both the CEOs of the respective companies:


“Scoop Byte is fast emerging as the go-to platform for young and dynamic readers who have an appetite for original and authentic journalism. With a team of highly experienced professionals and guest writers, Scoop Byte is all set to become the top platform when it comes to tech”, said Anubha Gupta, CEO of the company.


Angela Benton, CEO of Black Web Media LLC, who would be exiting after the merger, also said, “At Black Web 2.0 we have always thrived for the highest quality standards for technology reporting. I hope that the acquiring company would be able to carry forward that legacy.”

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