Merry Christmas Wishes and Cards for WhatsApp 2022


Christmas is a joyful holiday that is widely celebrated across the world. It is a Christian holiday, but we often celebrate the festive seasons together. As the holiday seasons creep around the corner, we all get ready by buying presents for our loved ones to show how much we care about them. It’s also the season where we hear our favorite Christmas jingles playing in shops and supermarkets. Malls also often put on a magical Christmas show and decorations to attract visitors to come and experience the magical feeling. Grandmothers, parents, all get their Christmas shopping ready to prepare to cook up a feast for the whole family. Don’t forget the Christmas trees and decorations! Let’s also not forget to wish our loved ones, far and near, with these Merry Christmas Wishes and cards 2019 that you can send via WhatsApp!

Since everyone has a smartphone these days, you will see a bunch of holiday messages circulating soon. It’s so easy to send a simple wish or greeting to your loved ones to show them that you’re thinking about them. The internet and our smartphones also bring us close together as we can even reach loved ones who are far away. So, there is no excuse for you not to spread some love! Here are our favorite wishes:


So grateful to have a friend like you at Christmas and all year long. Merry Christmas!

Let your friends know how much you appreciate them! Not just on this particular day, but all year round! Some of your friends might not be lucky enough to have anyone to spend it with, so spread some love so that they won’t feel so lonely. No one should feel alone on Christmas!

A savior has been born to you. He is the Christ. The Lord!

This greeting card reminds us of the real reason for Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This verse is taken out of the bible from Luke Chapter 2, verse 11.

Praying you to have a wonderful Christmas filled with moments you’ll always remember. Merry Christmas!


Christmas always comes with a special feeling, and there is still room to fill it with memorable moments each year. This is a thoughtful message that will show your loved one that you’re keeping them in your prayers so that they have a great Christmas.

Peace and joy to you and yours this Christmas Season. Merry Christmas!

With so much hate and destruction going on in the world, take this opportunity to spread some peace and love to your loved ones and their loved ones too!

I wish the Christmas enclose You with the warmth of kindness! May you meet good &kind people, have a good experience and do only greet deeds

Good and kindhearted people are hard to come by these days. Bless your loved one with surrounding them with kindness and good people. This message also reminds them to be kind and do good deeds for others. With so much hate in the world, we need each and everyone to be kind and spread love, not hate.

May you get what you seek. Merry Christmas!

Chances are, we all want something in life that might not be so easy to achieve. Some might have material wishes, but some might have more profound desires, such as good health, financial stability, etc. Sending this to your loved ones will remind them of what they want in life, and it’s nice to show that you support what they are seeking.

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