Messiah Season 2: When will it see the light of the day?


Imagine if your role for the CIA was to figure out if your suspect is the real Christ, our savior. This is apparent for CIA officer Eva Geller who’s played by Michelle Monaghan in the recent popular series, Messiah. With the first season attracting enough eyeballs, speculations are rife for Messiah Season 2.

Al-Masih, claims to be the second coming of Christ. Played by Payam Golshiri, you must admit he does look a lot like the images we’ve seen of our Lord Savior. His superpowers include surviving a supposedly deadly plane crash and even resurrecting fellow passenger Aviram Dahan. Let’s also not forget when one of his disciples survived a suicide bombing. Although this all does seem like Christ doings, the whole of season 1 brings you through mixed feelings of whether or not Al-Masih is on the good or evil side. The series ended with fans still wondering if he is truly the second coming of Christ, a conman, or even the antichrist.

Messiah Season 2 Release Date: No Confirmation Yet

This is why season 2 is so important, we must know! As of now, there has been no confirmation that Netflix will order a season 2. But don’t lose hopes just yet, as the first season just ended recently, it’s typical for streaming services to wait until the dust settles before announcing the new season. Nonetheless, this might usually take up to a year, which means if it does happen, we can likely expect it to be released in 2021.

With the finale of Messiah Season 1 ending with so many questions and hints, it would be evil to leave fans hanging.

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