On Future iPhones, Apple’s Logo Might Work as Notification Light

The next iPhone could use apple logo as the backlight.Image is for representative purposes only.

Apple iPhone users didn’t get the opportunity to experience the benefits of the notification light feature. This feature is being removed from the Android devices by Android phone manufacturers. The flashlight on an iPhone is almost very similar to the notification light. The flash which is located on the back of the iPhone alerts users of some actions. However, based on a new patent, Apple would stylishly resolve this issue.


All iPhones have the logo of Apple on the back. However, on the future models of Apple’s iPhone, the logo may be used as a notification light, as per a patent filed by the company. It would comprise of a translucent layer. Moreover, the layer would be overlapped with an adjustable optical element. This would change the appearance of the phone. Also, it would change the way light emerges via the layers.


In the patent filing it has been specifically mentioned ‘cellular telephone’, which indicates that it would be pertinent to iPhones only. Although, MacBooks had Apple logos, which remained lit but were later withdrawn and replaced with regular solid logos.

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