Online Slots Based On Our Favorite TV Shows 

There are few feelings more disappointing than watching the final credits roll on a TV show that you have grown to love over the hours, days, or weeks that you have been bingeing it. As soon as many of us watch the final episode, we frantically begin to Google when the next season is going to air, or whether there are any spin-offs to catch up on.

One way to keep the magic alive is to find a game based on your favorite TV show. Although it might seem unlikely that there is such a game, you’d be surprised. By perusing the vast world of online slots, you can quickly find an official slot game that is based on one of your all-time favorite TV shows. Read on to find out our favorite online slots that are based on smash-hit TV shows. 

Game of Thrones 

Step back into the shoes of the Lannisters or the starks and fight for the treasures of Westeros in the official Game of Thrones slot game. This 5-reel slot features all of the top characters from the show, as well as the award-winning original score. This is one of the most popular online slots in the world, owing partly to the significant progressive jackpots on offer. You can find more info here on how you can play this slot for free. Due to the number of casinos on offer, finding guidance on the best ones can help players save time, especially if you’re looking for a particular slot.


We all lost our minds when the Friends reunion was first announced by HBO in the spring and made a big splash in the entertainment industry. If that wasn’t enough to satiate your appetite for the world’s most successful sitcom, you can visit West Village once more with the official Friends branded slot machine. Step into the shoes of Chandler, Ross, Joey, Rachel, Monica, or Phoebe with this nostalgia-inducing 5-reel slot.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is all about glamor, excess, and unimaginable riches. Perhaps it’s no surprise that there would be a Downton Abbey official slot game, where players can visit the manor once more and spin the reels for a shot at a truly aristocratic bounty. This is an unusual slot with two parallel sets of reels, giving players 243 different ways to win. 


The Netflix smash-hit series Narcos was an unexpected hit for the streaming platform, which prompted them to go all-in on subsequent series and spend big on a merch and media empire. One result of this is the official Narcos branded slot, which has won praise for its immersive graphics, intense soundtrack, and 96.23% RTP. If you’re a fan of the original series, this is one of the best online slots for you. 

These are the top online slots based on our favorite TV shows. If your favorite show did not feature here, make sure to check an online casino to see if it’s out there!