Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker in the house of Democrats has mentioned that she is ready to meet the US President Donald Trump whenever he wants, in a press meeting about the partially shut US government. This is the longest shutdown ever in the history of the US parliament.

Pelosi continued to speak for hours last time the US President accepted her request that he had postponed his State of Union. She said she was happy to find the matter finally off the table. There has been no indication about the end of the shutdown but both the Senate and the House urged to reopen the government.

To this President Trump replied that the country always has a chance to decrease the level of Crime, Human Trafficking, Drug abuse, Gangs, and other illegal things. This should have been continued for decades and this time they will not cave.

Pelosi, on the other hand, said that she did not find a reason to why the men and women of the US are to miss the second paycheck the next day. This was what she was referring to Wilbur Ross, the Commerce Secretary of Donald Trump. The House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is to set up a meeting and request the Congress to clearly shut the shutdown and discuss the problem to a solution in the room, together.


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