Photomath App : Is it a boon or a curse in disguise ?

Photomath is a relatively new entrant in the educational app category. The app has gained considerable popularity and traction amongst school and college-going students for its ability to solve complex mathematical equations with ease. However there are some use cases associated with its use and probable abuse that we will be looking at.

Potential Pros of Photomath Calculator App

The app can solve complex mathematical equations related to Arithmetic, Fractions, Decimal numbers, and Linear equations; It can even go to the extent of solving integrals, trigonometric, and derivatives. What’s impressive is the fact that you can input the equation that you want to solve via your Smartphone’s camera. You can also input equations via a built-in mathematical keyboard, which lets you enter special numerical characters.

You will get the solutions of all those equations, and everything will be shown step by step, just like if you had solved the equation manually using a pen and a paper. Amazing.

It makes the app ideal for students, engineers, and professors who are into complex mathematics and do not have the time to solve everything with a pen and paper. Since the app is showing every step, students are likely to be the best benefactors of the technology.

How can the app be abused?

Notorious students who are always on the lookout for shortcuts can abuse the app to a greater extent. The relative ease of use and availability of the app can hamper the natural learning process for students who may use it for homework. The whole examination system can be compromised if students hide smartphones and use this app in examination halls.

It is this rightly said that ” With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.” It is up to the parents and the teachers to guide their children and students so that technology may be put to use as a more magnificent assistant rather than a more significant replacement.

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