Portal 3 Isn’t Happening: Here Are The Real Reasons

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Why Portal 3 Will Not Happen?

There’s a certain ring of coincidence and mystery that gamers all around the world ask when it comes to the games being published by Valve.

Despite creating blockbusters through Half-Life, Dota 2, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, and Counter-Strike, it always stops at part 2 of the franchise. Now it seems that Portal 3 is destined for the same fate.

Portal is a game that die-hard fans and occasional (hobbyists) gamers loved! When we say love, we mean to the core! Who could’ve thought that the spin-off of Half-Life would make a long-lasting mark to the world?

Because of Portal and Portal 2’s massive success, fans couldn’t help but anticipate the third sequel.

But, the question remains, is Portal 3 going to happen or not? 

Portal 2 Gameplay Scene
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Portal 3 Release Date: There isn’t one yet

As much as we’d keep our fingers crossed and discover the vast lands of Portal’s universe, Valve’s deafening silence is all we get as to whether a trilogy will happen.

There’s no doubt that Valve mastered the art of First-Person Gaming, but there wasn’t news or teasers circulating about Portal 3’s development. 

If you try to look at the closure of Portal 2, it ended on a satisfying and happy note.

The passive-aggressive AI named GLaDOS released Chell, and gamers couldn’t be more thrilled with the result.

However, people or mainly the fans couldn’t get enough with their thoughts and imaginative ideas about the rich universe of Half-Life and Portal that possibilities could be endless. 

There is no doubt that anything can happen in a world where Technology, Space, and Artificial Intelligence coincide.

But, Valve doesn’t seem too persuaded with this thought. So, it can and does mean the end of the Portal franchise. 

No Completed Trilogy from Valve

Another though-provoking coincidence is, it seems like Three isn’t a magical number for Valve.

Even with the dev team’s mega hits, no game franchise has been published for the third sequel.

It’s always Dota 2, Half-Life 2, Left4Dead 2, and none other after that. 

Still from Portal 2
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Not Sticking with Old Technology

Although it can be too overwhelming for the whole team of Valve to keep up with the people’s magnanimous expectations, Valve may be prepping for something bigger.

Through recent years, Valve developed ambitious VR demos revolving around the Portal’s Universe.

The demos were referred to as The Lab (2016) and Moondust (2018). 

With this in mind, we couldn’t quite tell what Valve has in store for us.

However, one thing is for sure; Portal 3 will never happen because Valve has set its eyes for something bigger and grander. 


  1. I think I may have just figured out what valve are up to, if all the valve games are set in the same universe, the maybe 3 will be the sequel to ALL valve franchises in one game! Every valve game could collide in the mother of all crossovers! The title of the game would simply be: 3

  2. I like how confidently this writer, who isn’t part of Valve, assures us they 100% know what goes on behind the scenes at Valve and what Valve is thinking, and that we can be certain Valve will never, ever change its mind, for the rest of all eternity.

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