Premalo Mugguru: Upcoming Movie of Surveen Chawla


In her early days, Surveen Chawla began her career by appearing on television soap operas, which led to her career in the film industry. Since then she has appeared on numerous films as well as television and reality series. Her famous roles were when she appeared in movies such as ‘Hate Story 2’, ‘Ugly’, ‘24’, and her most recent web series ‘Haq Se’. Her fame was catapulted when she won the Best Debut Female category at the PTC Punjabi Film Awards for her role in ‘Dharti’ in 2011. Since then she has also won two Best Actress titles in 2015 and 2016 respectively, proving to the world that she is a force to be reckoned with. Given below is the latest info on Surveen Chawla's Upcoming Movie Premalo Mugguru.

Latest Movie of Surveen Chawla: Premalo Mugguru

Surveen Chawla’s latest project is due to be released in 2020 and fans are on the edge of their seats! Written by Prabhu Ram, ‘Premalo Mugguru’ is slated to be released in both Telugu and Tamil in 2020. Directed by S.M. Vasanth, fans are excited to see how this bilingual love triangle will play out!

This romantic film will star Arjun Sarja, Thambi Ramiah, Cheran, Vimal, Bhanu, alongside Surveen Chawla herself. The storyline follows an ardent social worker, Gunasekaran and Mallika, a physiotherapist. The pair meets by chance by the sea. Charmed by Mallika, Guna tries his best to impress her, but does he succeed? Flashback to 2012, the story follows another pair of lovers Varun and Anjana, and their whirlwind love story and the exciting events that unfold. The third story involves Harris and Divya (Surveen Chawla) whose love story is the most far-fetched in the movie.

On top of the storyline, the movie also includes breath-taking music by Yuvan. Fans are also excited to watch the film as it was shot in beautiful and mind-blowing locations that further draws excitement. All in all, fans have been anticipating the release of this romantic movie.

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