Risk of Rain 2 Characters and how to unlock each

Risk of rain 2
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We all have played various types of games in our childhood. And we used to feel so happy after unlocking a level or character in the game. With time, games got a lot better in terms of graphics and forms.

Today, you can play a plethora of games on the web, both offline or online. One of these games is the Risk of Rain 2. It is a third-person Indie game developed by Hopoo Games and was released on Microsoft Windows last year in March.

The basic gameplay includes a player fighting aliens and monsters to progress to higher levels. A player gains experience and currency while progressing. The player can use the currency to open the chests. You can also unlock different characters in the game.

What are the various characters in the Risk of Rain 2 and how to unlock?

There are many characters in the game like:


Skillset: Deploying firepower at targets, Tactical Dive, and Quick repositioning ability.

How to unlock: Unlock by default.

Alternate skills: Phase Blast and Frog Grenade

Alternate skins: Hornet


Skillset: Auto-aim ability, Speedy, Shooting while sprinting

How to unlock: Complete the 3rd teleporter event in a row and come out alive.

Alternate skills: Phase Blink and Ballista

Alternate skins: Arctic


Skillset: Fire up a flak-cannon or a marksman rifle, Union of Rebar Puncher weapon, and the Crowbar item.

How to unlock: Unlock it by completing the 1st teleporter event five times.

Alternate skills: Power saw, Scrap launcher

Alternate skins: Janitor


Skillset: The character has a Supporting shield, mines, and twin-firing shoulder-mounted grenade launchers.

How to unlock: Complete 30 levels to unlock the engineer.

Alternate skills: TR58 Carbonizer Turret and Spider mines.

Alternate skins: Nil


Skillset: Uses nano-magic to make missiles, detonate nano bombs.

How to unlock: Spend ten lunar coins to unlock Artificer.

Alternate skills: Ion surge, Plasma bolt, and Nano spear.

Alternate skins: Chrome


Skillset: Wields a laser sword, agile and fast, Health regen module

How to unlock: Skin unlock the Obelisk suicide feature.

Alternate skills: Rising Thunder, Slicing winds.

Alternate skins: Oni


Skillset: Stack healing items, Rejuvenation Rack.

How to unlock: Insert the Fuel Array into an odd plant-robot hybrid stuck in Biome.

Alternate skills: Directive.

Alternate skins: Nil


Skillset: Tanking damage, Grapple Fist ability, and Charged Gauntlet.

How to unlock: Kill the Guardian boss after destroying four eggs of that level.

Alternate skills: Spiked Fist, Thunder Gauntlet.

Alternate skins: Classic


Skillset: Poison damage, lightweight ranged attack.

How to unlock: Complete the challenge Void Fields to get Acrid.

Alternate skills: Nil

Alternate skins: Albino

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