Russell Simmons and Navarrow Wright on News and Notes


Farai Chideya of NPR’s News and Notes sat down with Global Grind’s CEO Navarrow Wright and principal investor Russell Simmons to discuss Politics and the future of social media networking. Russell had some wonderful thoughts on the urban space and its influence on the world. I’m sure Navarrow had some great thoughts too, but Russell didn’t give him the opportunity to share them. Can you imagine trying to run a company with Russell Simmons looking over your shoulder? I understand Russell has a lot of money riding on Global Grind but isn’t Navarrow capable of answering the questions directed towards him? I mean honestly, who’s the expert? I had the opportunity to speak with Navarrow one on one, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s more than capable of running Global Grind, I just hope Russell believes it too. Let’s just hope this was a bad interview, and not a peek inside the Global Grind board room.

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