People across the globe are utilizing online platforms for many recreational and work purposes. Online gaming is just one of these. Players come from around the world and get together on one application portal. This helps bring them closer together on personal and professional levels as well. The Internet has truly made our world a global village.

Online gaming has changed the way electronic games were played before. We have amazing life-like simulation games with characters and scenarios so real that the whole gaming experience becomes entirely immersive. Then there are multiplayer battleground sagas where survival is the ultimate goal. These games have got the world hooked to their PC, laptops, and other multimedia screens.

For multiplayer online gaming to work, you require a good, reliable internet connection that can give a steady bandwidth without glitches. Most populated areas in the USA have access to terrestrial networks like cable, fiber, DSL, and other fixed options. However, if you are by any chance among the few who are residing at a rural location, satellite internet may be the only reliable choice. This is where HughesNet comes in with its crystal-clear plans and consistent Gen5 speeds. For more information regarding prices, check here.

HughesNet pros and cons for gaming

There are a few things that every gamer should consider before going for an internet connection. HughesNet, unlike its competitors, is a satellite internet provider. There are some concerns and issues that you may have to face if a satellite is your only option for connectivity.

  1. Gaming is not possible if you face too much latency and lag. For optimum graphical display and smooth gameplay, you need an internet connection that can give fast download and upload speeds. Satellite internet, however, faces a half-second delay due to the long distance that the signals have to travel. HughesNet with its Gen5 tech is trying to cover all these aspects. The new EchoStar XIX satellite is a high-capacity internet satellite. Customers can now get stable bandwidth of 25 Mbps, which is enough for many online games.
  2. You require unlimited high-speed data if you are a high-end gaming buff or have someone in the household who is that. HughesNet offers soft data caps with all of its internet plans. If you have a HughesNet connection and are living at a remote location, try making use of the Bonus Zone additional data. Get high-speed 50 GB data for free with HughesNet Gen5 plan between 2 am and 8 am.
  3. The reason why some games are not possible with a HughesNet connection is that the latency is a little high. Not so much that you won’t be to play online games at all but enough for games, which require immediate responses and action. If you are residing at a rural location, you may find that DSL and cellular data are the other available options for connectivity. The problem with both is that they are pricey and there is no consistency in their service. Different areas allow different speeds. HughesNet on the other hand offers the same speed throughout the United States. 
  4. HughesNet is also the only ISP with a better than advertised speed rating by the FCC. If you have a view of the southern sky, you will definitely have access to their services, regardless of how remotely you are located in the States. Technically, cable and fiber internet connections are much faster and if you have the option to choose from among them then you can decide on the one that is more suitable for your needs. However, remote areas have no such facilities.

Games you can play with HughesNet

Multiplayer games are much more in trend now. Basically, when there are many players on a single gaming platform, they take turns playing their side. There are some social media apps and other web applications that offer such games, which do not require super high download speeds or instant responses. These games can easily be played on your satellite internet connection. There is no heavy data content downloading needed and the latency rate doesn’t affect the gameplay at all.

Some of these games include the following titles like:

Meier’s Civilization VI, Minecraft, Candy Crush: All versions, Criminal Case, Space Hulk: Tactics, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Marvel Strike Force, Trivia Crack, Farmville 3, Clash of Clans, League of Legends (LoL), Sid, Subway Surfers, Bubble Dragons Saga, The Battle for Wesnoth, and Here Be Dragons.

There are some single-player games as well that works quite smoothly with HughesNet internet connection. They don’t have high-end features and have few requirements. They include games like the Witcher, Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed, etc.

Also, there are gaming consoles that work well over satellite. These gaming consoles include Xbox One and Xbox 360, as well as all the smart devices, PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita, Nintendo Switch and 3DS, and WiiU and Wii.

Games you can’t play with HughesNet

Reality-based games, which are fast-paced and require urgent responses from the user are not possible with HughesNet. Their direct competitor Viasat is the same in this matter. There is no way that you can right this wrong at the moment.

Satellite internet will see enhancements in the future when there will be some resolution of the lag or delay. It can ideally happen if there are low-orbit satellites in space. These satellites will allow the faster transmission of signals, creating less latency and ping.

The internet speed is compromised due to latency and that holds for every ISP. Any delay in the service of any internet provider will cause buffering and that will simply destroy the gaming experience. You may end up losing all the data, which is just not acceptable. Some people play games to earn money. If they don’t have a stable bandwidth, they will lose on many ends.

If you are into buying games online then do check with your ISP. They generally have a list of available options that the customers can choose from. You won’t be investing in a sour deal this way HughesNet gives the same advice to all their consumers. If you are in any sense confused about their plans or you have more questions regarding their services, you can always get in touch with their customer service through Localcabledeals.


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