On 20th January, the upcoming Sunday night if sky conditions permit, we just might be in for an amazing astronomical treat. A complete Lunar Eclipse to last at least 62 minutes in on the way for 20th and 21st January night. The view shall be up for residents of South and North America including the people living in the U.S. and the parts of Africa and Western Europe.

This full moon to be held in January named “The Wolf Moon” shall actually be a pretty and gorgeous marvel of nature, also known as the, “Super Blood Moon”. The moon here shall be a particularly vivid and reddish one visible for some hours and centered on the midnight sky.

The copper color reflecting from the moon comes from bending of sunlight around Earth fringes. This causes the moon to scatter shorter-wavelength of light and leaving longer red-orange-yellow wavelength of beams. The Total Lunar Eclipse requires our Earth, Sun, and the moon to be aligned perfectly placing moon’s entire circumference into the umbra zone of Earth. This is an event the gazers shall not witness until the year 2021 during the month of May, confirmed NASA.

This Wolf Moon dates way back to when the Native America based tribes went out for hunting during the night time.


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