Study suggest amount of fiber needed for prevention of chronic disease

Study suggest amount of fiber needed for prevention of chronic disease

The latest meta-analysis now examines 40 year long research that attempted to dictate the amount of fiber ideal for prevention of premature mortality or any chronic disease. This new research aims to develop a new set of guidelines that can ascertain the amount of fiber to be consumed in order to remain healthy.

This research will help reveal overall fiber required for a good diet along with the amount of carb needed against any non-communicable disease. This can also stave off any weight gain. The non-communicable diseases, also termed as chronic diseases, typically last longer and progress very slowly. As stated by WHO, there are 4 major types of the non-communicable diseases which include cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and chronic respiratory diseases.

58 trials that recruited more than 4600 people to be analyzed for more than 40 years investigated incidence of chronic diseases such as the ones listed above along with rate of the premature deaths occurring from same.

The study suggests that consumption of fiber exceeding 29 gram mark might yield better health benefits. The study didn’t locate any adverse effects on health from over consumption of fiber, yet eating a lot can affect people that suffer from insufficient minerals and iron in their body.

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