The Doors of Stone Third Installment: Everything We Know

The Doors of Stone

It’s a good year for the bibliophiles with all the new books releasing. Grab your reading glasses and bookmarks.

There is a buzz about the release of The Doors of Stone- the third installment. The book series is written by Patrick Rothfuss.

Famously the Kingkiller Chronicle is similar to George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. So, it is imperative that all the fans are super excited.

The book series has a vibrant storyline based on the fantasy genre. The author has been working on the book since 2011.

He has a similar writing style as George R.R. Martin. It is the final addition to the Kingkiller trilogy. Also, he has said not to believe in any rumors until the book releases.

There were talks about the release of the book in 2019. But, obviously, it was a rumor. Patrick confirmed that the book won’t be released in the year 2019 since it was still in the works.

The book will start where Kvothe’s story ended in The Wise Man’s Fear. However, Patrick intends to create more books on Temerant although this book will conclude the trilogy.

Patrick has revealed that initially, he was not a fan of the title of the book. But, he kept it anyhow. This will be a little shorter than others in the series.

What is the possible release date of Patrick Rothfuss’ The Doors of Stone third installment?

According to many sources, the book is set to release in August 2020. Amazon and Book Depository have listed the book for sale in August.

Additionally, the author has confirmed on a podcast that the book is moving forward with great progress.

However there is no official confirmed release date yet.

Hopefully, the wait will be rewarded. The fans will finally get to read the third and last installment of The Doors of Stone.

Meanwhile, you can read the previously released two books of the series to get the ideas of the storyline.

The article was edited on 5/2/2020 to correct some erroneous information as pointed out by our readers in the comments section.


  1. Amazon and Bookdepository are the same company, so of course they’d say the same thing… this is a total “no news here” clickbait article.

    • It is a totally newsworthy article. We have developed a tendency to label anything and everything as ‘clickbait’ even if it is fully informative.

      • What “fully informative” detail did you get from this?
        DOS has had a placeholder release date on book seller websites for years.

        “Also, it will be more centered on Temerant.”
        That’s the ENTIRE WORLD! How do you center more on the entire thing?

    • Yep. This book has had at least 3 other place holder release dates. Ruthfuss has also spoken positively about the progress for 8 years. This article has nothing new. It was just clickbait.

      • Even if it is clickbait, we are still allowing everyone to comment.Some other so called news sources do not even allow that. We have nothing to hide and take criticism positively.

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