The Go Daddy SOPA Backlash, The Internet Censorship Law


Earlier this week we told about you SOPA and the Protect IP Act, along with how they could hurt how we freely use the Internet today. Today a few bombshell news was made around the Internet when a report was released with the list of companies that support SOPA. There were a few expected companies but the “Internet” hit the fan when Go Daddy was on the list causing another massive PR nightmare for the domain registrar. Now there’s the talk of boycotting Go Daddy, a Move Your Domain Day planned and step by step plan blog post on how to do so.

Already the Cheezburger network tweeted they’re planning to remove their 1000 domains off of Go Daddy. a leading Go Daddy alternative has stated they’re anti-SOPA and welcoming Go Daddy switchers. Taking it even more personal Paul Graham, Partner at Y Combinator stated that any SOPA Supporting Companies are no longer allowed at YC Demo Day, wow!

It will be interesting to see if other SOPA supported companies will receive the same treatment or the Internet is just taking it out on Go Daddy the hardest because they’re…. an Internet company. Regardless, here’s a list of the other companies that support SOPA.

SOPA Supporters

What are your thoughts on SOPA?

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