Top 10 Best Apps to Boost Your Productivity


In an era of pandemics and teleworking, it is very important for many to stay focused. But for some types of people, this is a rather difficult task. However, this is where helper apps, which can streamline your tasks and repetitive actions, come to the rescue. Remember something or provide statistics of your daily activity, which in turn will help you draw certain conclusions to increase your overall productivity.


This application is designed to help freelancers and employees at remote work. The main idea of ​​Serene is that you need to set one task per day, which then breaks down into sub-tasks. This way you can track the progress of your goal and stay more focused. Serene also allows you to block unwanted apps like mobile slots, and others that can affect your productivity during your workday.


This tool will help you organize your scheduled tasks. The application allows you to flexibly customize every action, as well as set a deadline, add a comment, and much more. It is a kind of modern notebook that you can use on both your PCs and mobile devices. And all your recordings are synchronized in real-time between all the gadgets you use.


It’s kind of analogous to the Todoist app, which provides you with the possibility to create tasks, group everything recorded, and share your tasks with other users. This is what makes this app different from Todoist. To share your tasks, it is enough to indicate the login of the desired person, and they will immediately receive a notification about this.


This is a kind of kanban board. Organize your tasks by status to do, in progress, done, and others. Thus, all your tasks are always at your fingertips and you cannot miss something. In a matter of seconds, you can also find out what status your task is in if you had to postpone it indefinitely due to the influx of other issues.


It is one of the most convenient messengers for teamwork. The app allows you to quickly share files and tasks. And also set statuses, for example, when you do not want to be disturbed during an important task. It is possible to create chats by topic, not to clog those chats where communication about work processes is conducted.


This is a more advanced version of Trello, and it is a paid program. However, it provides unlimited functionality to organize the work of many employees and quickly track the status of tasks in your team or the whole company.


This is a kind of modern Excel variation. The service allows you to work with tables in a very convenient form. It is possible for several people to work at one table at the same time. In addition, you can leave notes, comments, and much more.


An ideal and free tool for managing and running a small team. It is possible to assign deadlines, those responsible for the task, and much more. You can also use Taskade as a messenger.

This application is designed to simplify your routine and repetitive tasks. It has a very user-friendly interface and flexible customization to suit your taste.


A collaborative scheduling app that makes it easy to organize recurring and unique remote appointments. Users can integrate it with their calendar app to synchronize calendars.


Overall, in the era when people stay at home and mostly work remotely, self-management is an essential issue. Sometimes individuals cannot cope with it, and highly technological apps come to help them. Use the mentioned programs, and you will notice that you’ve become much more organized.

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