Top 5 Web Series on MX Player that you must watch

October 23, 2019 3:46 am

MX Player has recently stepped up its game with delivering a variety of content for streamers to enjoy. It is now a platform for users to enjoy music, movies, TV shows, and web series all in one place! On top of that, they are also putting out original web series such as ImMature, Hey Prabhu, Fuck Buddies, Thinkistan, and Aafat. However, there are top 5 web series on MX Player that are of “Must Watch” category:

  • Hey Prabhu, follows a twitter God who attempts to face real-life troubles offline.

  • ImMature follows three young schoolboys and their many first adventures as they go through puberty.

  • In Fuck Buddies, classic millennials Jiah and Jay navigate the do’s and don’ts of being ‘fuck buddies.’

  • Aafat is a thought-provoking take on arranged marriages and the idea of the “perfect bride” today. Ricky Malhotra seeks his “perfect bride” and is introduced to 5 prospects with not-so-perfect qualities. A divorcee, overweight, hairy, bald, and foul-mouthed, the journey follows the hilarious events that follow when Ricky is introduced to these women.

  • Thinkistan follows the ongoing battle in Hindi society between North vs. South, Old vs. New, Hindi vs. English, and Creativity vs. corporate drudgery. Set in the 1990s, two recruits with different experiences are hired at an advertising firm. The story follows English-speaking Hema and Hindi-speaking Namit’s conflicts and adventures working together at the firm.

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