Trading Cryptocurrencies By Brokers Or Exchange – What Would You Prefer?


In the first place, do you know what’s the difference between doing trading the crypto with brokers or an exchange? Let’s discuss it first. Cryptocurrency brokers are a firm of people or an individual that helps their clients in the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.  This buying and selling happen at the cost of the price set by the broker. However, the cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform. At that platform, the exchange of the cryptocurrency happens at the present market rates between the crypto buyers and sellers. The platform charges fees for aiding in this exchange of cryptocurrency. 

What is trading cryptocurrency is like?

We all have different experiences while trading cryptocurrency. It is neither simple nor difficult. The commonest and widest thing on which everybody agrees is trading where stockholders gamble on the price movement of cryptocurrencies. Now, people have a lot of options for trading. They can trade either by brokers or in exchange. In Europe, people have a platform, named Bit panda, which provides cryptocurrency trading with both choices. Bitpanda is one of the leading platforms there for running digital assets. For newbies, Bitpanda acts as a crypto broker and is a learning hub to know about the buying and selling process of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and all other cryptocurrencies, while for the experts it is the crypto exchange platform.

What benefits do cryptocurrency brokers offer?

Cryptocurrency brokers are usually for beginners. Persons who want to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin can do it in a better way with the help of a broker. The famous Bitpanda broker platform buys and sells fiat currencies like US dollar, euro, pounds, swiss franc in return for Bitcoins and Litecoin, etc. cryptocurrency brokers do provide customer help desk. They hold currencies to facilitate their users. 

What is a cryptocurrency exchange for?

For the people who know how to trade, how to deal with the crypto world, the cryptocurrency exchange is an option for them. This platform directly involves buyers and sellers over their webpage for the exchange of both digital and fiat currencies. This exchange happens at the present market rate. So, if you want to do it, have prior experience with it, to avoid any loss, as this market fluctuates a lot. If you have plans to start trading with cryptocurrency over a cryptocurrency exchange platform, start learning about it. You must have a good understanding and knowledge about it. You can do it by learning the various articles on different websites.  Look for the exchange which is best for you. Don’t go for the exchange programs like education, blogs, or news at the beginning of your crypto career as they are not much reputable. If you’re ready to buy cryptocurrency, let’s start it with the Bitcoin Era application. 

What is Bitcoin Era?

It is a platform that provides its users to do crypto trading in Bitcoin form or any other cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Era New is also one of the most competitive platforms to deal with cryptocurrencies. The moto is to give financial freedom to its users. Bitcoin Era is scam-free and legitimate. You can download it on your phone and use it easily. To know about more the features and characteristics of the Bitcoin Era, visit this site. Let’s have a look at how you can open your account at Bitcoin Era. 

Three easy steps to make an account on Bitcoin Era

  1. Open a trading account
  2. Deposit money and initiate investing
  3. Automated trade and enjoy profit

Open a trading account

Fill in an application form on the homepage of the Bitcoin Era application or website. After completing the required application submit it. Your application will be approved in a few seconds and your account will be functional. No registration fee is required.

Deposit money and initiate investing

A minimum of $250 is required to get started with it. This is not a registration fee. This money will be your trading capital. You must submit funds to start trading. You can make transactions of this money along with your earned profit at any time. 

Automated trade and enjoy profit

Once the above-mentioned criteria are completed, set your trading goals, trading settings and put up your app at auto trading mode. The robot will then work on your behalf and analyze the market and algorithms. You’ll only need to reap your profit now. 

What are the factors which have an impact on the pricing of Bitcoin?

As you all know Bitcoin is not a centralized currency, no central bank supports this. No government official authority regulates it. So, the government cannot have any impact on it. They cannot control its rise or downfall. The normal factors like inflation, global economic climate, tax changes that do have a sound influence on the stock market and products/commodities cannot influence Bitcoin. It clearly does not mean that no power can control it. Of course, there are economic and legal factors that deeply influence this market. 

Simple laws of economics, supplies, and demands are influenced Bitcoin. The more the demand for Bitcoin in the market, the more will be the price it. And if demand turns into more supply, then the price will decrease. The production cost, stability of the ruling government, and regulation overseeing it have a strong impact on the pricing of Bitcoin.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Bitcoin Era


  • A small capital amount like $250
  • Very good customer service
  • Simple and easy to use
  • The application aids in trading
  • Free demo account
  • No registration fees
  • High returns
  • Twenty-four hours pay-out
  • Automatic mode of trading
  • High reliability
  • Live trading
  • No scam


No free choice of selecting brokers.

Some tips and tricks for using Bitcoin Era

  • Learn how the auto trading mode works
  • Always start investing with small capital
  • Cash your profits repeatedly
  • Try with a demo account first
  • Go for the real version after testing demo one
  • Make your revenue taxed
  • Start it as soon as possible