Travel Guide -Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica


Are you planning to visit the tropical paradise of Costa Rica for your vacation? So when you are planning to visit this country, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration. The elements are like the weather, wildlife, activities in which one can take part during that time, and so on.

Tourists often come up with questions like ‘When is the best time to travel to Costa Rica?’ or Will I able to see wildlife during the dry season?’ and so on. One thing that must be kept in mind is that Costa Rica is one such nation that is known for its diverse climate zone. Being located close to the equator, one gets to see a tropical climate with a compatible temperature.


When to Travel to Costa Rica

Depending on the region you are interested in visiting, the best time to visit those regions may vary. As such, one needs to make the right plan to enjoy the natural beauty of the country by exploring the rainforest or by visiting the pristine beaches.


Before you learn the best time of year to travel to Costa Rica, you should know that there are two general seasons in Cost Rica. One is the dry season, which is known as Costa Rica’s summer, and there is a rainy season which is known as the green season.

Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica (Weather)

If you are planning to visit Costa Rica for its beautiful beaches, then the changes in weather between the Pacific coast and the Caribbean coast should be taken into consideration. Near the Caribbean coast, it is mostly affected by the rain, whereas the Pacific Coast is mainly affected by the dry and wet season.


The Dry Season

According to a survey, Costa Rica is fantastic during the dry season, which usually kicks from mid-December to April. It’s the peak tourist season as the weather remains very dry and is best suited for getting a skin tan. Also, it’s the best time to watch wildlife, such as monkeys and sloths being joined by the migrant birds. Or, one can view the sea turtles smuggling on the shores.


Visiting Costa Rica during the dry season is perfect for those who want to head to the western part of the country like Arenal, Monteverde, San Jose, and the entire Pacific Coast from the Osa Peninsula to Papagayo Peninsula.


Those who love the pomp and grandeur, February is the best time to travel to Costa Rica weather as one can take part in the Envision festival. This festival is a celebration of art, music, spirituality, music, and dance. Alternately, during spring, one gets to see river levels drop and making it ideal for rafting.


Green Season

Another excellent answer to the question on the best time to travel to Costa Rica weather would be from May to November.  It is known as the Green Season. This period can be the perfect time for adventure seekers. Adventure enthusiasts can take part in white-water rafting or other sports. However, being a tropical country, it receives rain at any time of the year. Hence, travelers should be prepared for heavy rain. Even after getting drenched, tourists can watch migrating whales.

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