When is Alexa and Katie Season 4 coming out on Netflix?


Everybody loves comedy situations. Moreover, there have been many TV series in the past based on the same concept such as How I met your mother, Two and a half men, and many more. But Alexa and Katie adds a unique perspective to this comedy niche. The sitcom features two girls Alexa and Katie, played by Paris Berelc and Isabel May, and they are going to start their freshman year in high school. Now, everyone loves the web series with high school students, right?. This is probably the reason why the series got a rating of 7.3 on IMDb.

The debut episode of the first season of the web series premiered on 23rd March 2018. The positive reviews from the viewers regarding season 1 were the reason why Netflix begin working on the next one real soon. The second season of Alexa and Katie premiered in December 2018 and had ten episodes. Netflix did not stop here; they renewed the web series for another season. The third season of the web series divides into two parts, with eight episodes in each one.

The first part was released in December 2019, and we can expect the second part of season 3 by June 8, 2020. As per the previous trends of Netflix, the release of season 4 of Alexa and Katie would entirely depend on the performance of the released seasons. It may release in a year or may even take two years. If you are watching the previous seasons, you may need to slow down a bit!!

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